Multiple Diaries.

There’s some noises rumbling around that having multiple diaries and accounts at this site is somehow wrong and abuses peoples trust.

Firstly, official policy is that we couldn’t care less if you have 8000 out of the present 8061 diaries on the system provided you don’t use them to abuse other people and hide behind some pseudonym. If you do that you’re outside the AUP and the account(s) risk removal.

Secondly, how can it possibly abuse people’s trust? I have a few diaries on the system – this one, my one (DeLancie), FantasyPilots and OpenFiction1. They’re all written by me, and they’re all relevant. They deal with seperate aspects of my life (the DeLancie diary is the general diary, others deal with the flying etc). I fail to see how that abuses anyones trust.

I would sincerely appreciate it if people actually used the site to chronicle their lives and stopped worrying about who’s who and is this person that person as well. It really doesn’t matter. Read the diaries for entertainment purposes only. Leave comments if you think you can help with an issue in the diary. Forget about WHO’S diary it is because, and this may come as a shock to you, you can NOT KNOW WHO’S it is, unless you know the person personally in real life.

And definitely quit with the opinions on who might be who. It gains you nothing. If someone wants 70 diaries and has the time to maintain them all, let them enjoy that freedom.

I look around this site and see people that are clearly in need of helping hands, clearly in need of some healing for various reasons, and all the time others are trying to stomp on them. Spend your energies making a difference to these people in a positive way rather than witch hunting the few who might, shudder of all shudders, have more than one diary.


Unfairness. In a lot of ways.

Firstly, I’ve been unfair to Darren. Darren and I had various discussions last year and in general we got along very well. That changed when the 4of9 diary started and its only now that I understand why. Thats up to Darren if he wants to explain, but suffice to say that I apologise for the previous entry where I singled out Darren.

My intention was merely to state that we will not tolerate trolls at this site. As it turns out the current ‘Darren’ situation goes way beyond Darren and various people decided that because we hadn’t intervened that it was OK to start trashing each other in their own diaries.

People, get a grip.

Do you REALLY think we have enough time to read every entry from every person? Do you REALLY think we’re even interested in doing so?

Well just in case there’s any doubt, no we’re don’t and no we’re not.

So, if anyone starts abusing you in their diary, or using your works sans permission, please use the email addresses at the bottom of every single page thats ever displayed here. Its not hard. Just click it. DON’T think that because its been there for 24 hours and we’ve not removed that we don’t care. The chances are that we simply don’t know its there! And even if we DO know its there, we won’t do ANYTHING about someones entry unless someone else complains.

Our policy is quite clear, and our actions are quite consistant. We do not intervene unless someone complains. This means you have a responsibility to actually stand up and complain if you’re being trashed somewhere. We DO act when the situation warrants it, and we’d rather you told us than tried to drag the site down in to the flamefest days that were (and probably still are) Usenet. FAILURE to notify us of a situation, and instead fighting back, means you are no better than the original perpetrator and indeed, you are likely as not then accused of trashing that person!

All reports to are dealt with in confidence, and the rules (as you can see above) are quite clear. People know they’re not allowed to do it. There is NOT one rule for one diarist and one for another and there never will be. Sometimes, depending on the ‘abuse’ we may ask that you let it lie for a few days and hope that it goes away on its own. Other times, we may agree with you immediately and say its out of order and we’ll get it removed. But never EVER will you be ignored. If you think you have been, a quiet, polite ‘did you get my last message’ to the abuse address would be appreciated, but please give it at least 4 hours before you do that.

Anyone thats actually USED this method can probably stand up and vouch that we do actually do what we say rather than just talk about it. Anyone thats been on the wrong end of it can probably say the same….

My original message to Nick remains (despite his articulate response in comments ;-)) though I may tone it down a little and state that IF the people he is writing about don’t mind being parodied then fine, he can continue. Otherwise, no – and for gods sakes stop throwing mud in your parodies. They used to be cleverly done, but they’ve lost that now and turned to rather tasteless, basal toilet jokes to get attention. And remember, if anyone complains about your entries we will look into it, so you might need to be prepared to lose some of them.

To the other trolls remember, there is only one freedom here, and thats the freedom to leave. That really is it. If you don’t like our ‘harsh’ rules, please, the door is over there. Close it on the way out, thank you.


The notifcation bit

Oh yeah… I forgot…

Some people seem to be having troubles with receiving notifications for peoples diaries that they no longer subscribe to. If you are one of those people, please forward a copy of the notification to so we can investigate, it would appear to be a strange and elusive bug in the system.


Trolls, notifications etc

I see how it is. Matt alerts people to the fact that he’s moving house and I, inadvertantly, alert people a few weeks ago that I won’t be spending as much time as usual here and so the trolls go on the loose and think its OK to blast people, make them feel bad and generally have a go at everyone else.

I refer all the trolls reading this entry to;

To Me which was in reply to a comment, about comments. However, the same applies to entries in general, in particular the part near the bottom in bold.

I’m going to name names here because private discussion doesn’t appear to work;

Darren, if I receive one more complaint about you altering other people’s images and making them look good bad or indifferent, or in any way taking other people’s work and doing so much as look at it, I will remove you and your diary. If I receive one more complaint regarding derogatory entries about other diarists, you account is gone. Your permission to access this machine will be revoked indefinitely and any subsequent attempts will be charged under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Don’t pretend like you don’t know about it, go check it out. Its a jailable offence.

Nick, quit parodying. I shall stick my stake in the ground on this one later as well regarding so called ‘Parody Diaries’. They’re forbidden as of now. I’ve yet to see evidence of one being there to do anything but hurt the person they’re parodying and thats forbidden already anyway by our terms and conditions.

Don’t ANYONE dare mention Freedom of Speech to me regarding this entry. Your constitution and amendments are here and haven’t changed in over a year. You ALL know what the rules are, and how they should be applied. The specific first rule is this;

Diary entries must not contain any illegal references as defined by the laws of the United Kingdom. Such references include, but are not limited to, software piracy, copyright infringement, racial or other hatred, defamatory or abusive statements about or to others.

Darren, you’re outside this rule all too often. Particularly the defamatory or abusive statements about or to others and lately copyright infringement as well.

Get over it. Write your diary because you want to chronicle the events in your life, not because you want glory, attention and get it by abusing others here at this site. Get over it, or get out of it. You have been warned. And no, there is no negotiation. The first step will be removal of all links from the front page. The second step will removal of your account, after which time your permission to use the system is therefore revoked and without notice any further attempts would constitute a breach under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The third step would then be to instruct the police to find you.

As I stated not so long ago when the issue of reader comments came up, if you only intention is to abuse others, then get real. Get out. You are not welcome here.

Moving House

Hi All,

Matt here. This is just a quick note to say that I am in the process of moving house at the moment – packing has begun, we pick up keys tomorrow and the move itself happens on the 23rd.

This means that for the most part i’m going to be off the net for this time and for a little after it not entirely 100% there either because I won’t have a proper Internet connection for a (hopefully very) short while.

Please don’t let that stop you sending mails, they’re always great to read – but this is just to let you know that I might not be too quick to respond, i’ll do my best and in any case those sent to the support address will ofcourse get the attention of the others on the team too so my reduced involvment for a short period of a week or two shouldn’t have any noticeable effect.