New Subscription Methods

Just a quick update:

We’ve brought online the other two payment methods supported by our authorised sales agent, IBill – This means that you can now pay in one of three ways:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)

  • Online Check (US Banks only)
  • 1-900 Phone Number (US Only)

The 900 number works by just charging your phone the amount that is set up, so IBill will appear on your telephone bill. The advantage of this is that you ofcourse don’t need a credit card, you just need a phone that you have the bill-payers permission to use for this purpose!

We’re looking into alternative methods still, to try and offer more options both in the US and also outside the US.


Places to store your Photo's

As I promised, so far I have the following sites to suggest: was suggested by TimeTraveler, and Sys4 suggested Tripod (.com or

I haven’t used either of these services so I don’t know how your experiences will be, but they are options.

A word of warning though, I think Geocities are just the first to do this, they won’t be the only ones. Photo’s are a large drain on their bandwidth and they get absolutely nothing out of it, you don’t even necessarily know the picture came from their servers let alone them getting a banner or something – it’s not sustainable for them.

Another suggestion is to approach your own ISP and see if you get any free webspace with your internet access, a lot of ISP’s give you some space for free, some charge a little for it but you can be reasonably sure that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Ofcourse, there is the Atomic Photo Album stuff coming on reasonably soon now so there will be that option for subscribed users. Atomic Albums allows you to store all your photo’s on our servers as well as providing some neat navigation so that people can (perhaps, if you so desire) browse your photo album even :)


Addresses for Postal Orders

The address for all things AtomIC Systems related is actually given in our Privacy Policy, simply because we hold records on each person who has an account (you can see them online when you log in, but by UK Law we are obliged to provide an address to which you can write to see your details and to get things changed… Yeah I know, go figure). But I’ll give it here anyway,

AtomIC Systems IP Ltd.

C/O Steve Brown

Vähäjärvenpolku 5

04400 Järvenpää


The C/O part is because the Finnish authorities and postal system have some curious rule about only delivering to a name AND address, not just an address. Since I am registered living at this address, that should work. AtomIC Systems is not registered in (or operating out of) Finland, its a UK company. Our registered office, where you can get hold of accounts information or director information, is in the UK.

Ultimately, if and when Matt and I can work for AtomIC Systems full time then we’ll open a legitimate Finnish office because of course I will need (and do!) pay my taxes to Finland, and Matt to where-ever he lives. In the meantime, this arrangement works because AtomIC Systems doesn’t employ us and we draw no money from it.

OK, so I justified a lot there without being asked to :) I just wanted to explain a little about why it looks weird. If anyone doubts the authenticity of AtomIC Systems, please consult Companies House in the UK and ask for company number 3881636.

Anyway, all that aside, cheques can be sent to that address. Bear in mind it will take somewhere around 2 weeks to get here, so email us and let us know if its coming and we can subscribe you, pending your cheque arriving. Feel free to send cheques in whichever currency is local for you, we can probably get it converted and the cost will be around the same as running through IBill, though IBill is still our preferred method if you have a card (cos its easier and automatic!)

Hope that helps people!

Hey Daffy

You didn’t leave a mail address and I can’t be bothered to trawl the database 😉

I have no idea about money orders… If you’re in the US you can use IBill to pay using a normal cheque. If you’re in the UK we can give you our bank details or you can send a cheque. If you’re in the UK a postal order would probably work…

What IS a money order? :-)

Daffy, if you want to email us at we can talk about other ways if necessary.

Thanks to everyone thats subscribed! We’re working on some more features for you to show our appreciation. And don’t forget, the subscription is good for all AtomIC Systems sites, so that includes Open Fiction and AtomIC Webrings, and future developments that are coming up ‘real soon now’….


More on Pictures and answers to Questions

Ok, having just had a quick read of Rick’s latest entry it seems that Geocities no longer permit you to link to images from off-site pages – so using Geocities to store your photo’s might not be so successful in the future.

So that’s the news on Geocities and pictures I think, although I haven’t confirmed it yet – you might need to find an alternative site if you have pictures on Geocities. Or subscribe and wait for the Album site to be finished, ahem, but I’d never take advantage of such situations for financial gain. 😉 If I find a decent webspace provider that’s free i’ll post it in here, just to prove it :)

Lil Buggie asked a question about multiple diaries – at the moment our entire site doesn’t really cope with a single user having more than one diary – so each diary must be on a seperate username. As a result, subscriptions are also tied to a single username. The new version 3 of our software will support one user having many diaries and in this case, it is (as always) the USER that is subscribed so all the diaries would be subscribed as well.

Bottom line: At the moment, you’d have to subscribe each diary you have, but that’s a bit excessive so unless you really want to give us lots of money don’t do that – just subscribe once and then when the new version comes online we’ll put out a questionnaire and one of the important questions will be for you to tell us all the diaries you have so we can bring them under your username.

More entries per day here than in my own diary, nobbad 😉 (shush Viivi, just don’t even start on me, ok? hehehe)