Search (no, its not fixed, sorry)

I hear what everyone is saying, and quite agree that the Google search, whilst an awesome search engine for general web content, is not particularly suited to the task at hand. I will, at some point, once I’ve taken care of other scripts and things, investigate other means (again) to bring back the useful version of search.

There’s two possibilities;

1) Run searches on a completely seperate machine and send the results back to the DD server. This may be a possibility in the new year – and I’ll investigate it when it becomes a possibility.

2) Await the stable release of MySQL 4.0 which claims to build the fulltext indexes much faster than the 3.23 series which we’re presently using.

The likelihood is that both solutions will be used, but that number 2 will happen after number 1 has happened, as I am not prepared to use alpha quality (nor beta quality) software on the live database. We have too many users now for that to be an option.

So, please (and most of you are) be patient, search will return but it may be a few more weeks.


Search Again

I’ve linked the Search button on the front page to go directly and easily to the relevant Google query boxes… Hopefully the result isn’t too bad. I’m not happy about it, but there’s not much I can do.



It is with regret that I must tell you that the search facility will NOT be coming back. I’ve spent 8 hours trying to get the database to play friendly, and all I’ve succeeded in doing is providing yet another day where the server is as unreliable as shit, dumped some peoples entries into oblivion and given myself an ulcer.

So, if you want to search for someone’s entries, please visit and stick your keywords into the Google box…



Living without Search

Seems like a few people have become quite attached to Search, so i’ll try to help you learn to live without it until we get it back online again :)

Replace “username” in the areas below with the username of the diary you want to go to.

Firstly, you can go directly to any diary you like as follows:

Alternatively you can go directly to the newest entry someone has written as follows:

Make a new folder in your Favourites for diaries and diary entries, then whenever you see a diary or entry you like, bookmark it.

That’s all I can think of for now – if you have a question about how you can still do what you need to without Search then ask and we’ll see if we can come up with an answer – hopefully this has answered your questions Rosebud?



Search will be offline until further notice. We can’t have the database continually down, since then there’s nothing to search for!

Todays outage was due to the fact that MYSQL decided that optimizing the entries table means deleting and recreating the fulltext index, which we know takes around 8 hours. Its not even like this is a slow machine (dual pentium 850, dual SCSI 160).

So, until I can move the search stuff to a seperate database (probably Friday) it’ll be switched off.

Sorry, but without fulltext indexes its so slow it locks up deardiary. With fulltext indexes it kills the whole server.