Has it REALLY been a year??

Well, according to My Wife it has, at least since the first incarnation of DearDiary came online at a private address for us to test it. The official launch date was 5th October, which is not so very far away now..

So, if you have suggestions on how to celebrate the very first year of DearDiary.Net, lets hear them!!

Incidentally, my first entry ever into the DearDiary.Net system was a couple of days before, and reminds me that tonight I should perhaps reflect on that year a little bit. Its been an interesting one.

Hopefully DearDiary.Net grows at the same rate next year!! Thanks to everyone thats used the system in the past year, we still have some of the very early users updating regularly… So, who can find us the oldest journal (thats not related to the DearDiary.Net admins) who still updates regularly – we’ll do a feature…


New ways to link

A new feature made its way onto the DearDiary system a few days ago. We’ve kept it quiet until now to make sure it was working properly, but given that its taken about 2000 pages a day and we’ve not heard any nasty comments into support we might as well officially announce it… Though those of you that were awake for the previous entry may have already noticed it anyway!

To link to your diary, from any other page anywhere on the net, simply insert one (or more!) of the following HTML snippets;

  • <A HREF="http://www.deardiary.net/show/diaries/username">My Diary</A>
  • <A HREF="http://www.deardiary.net/show/diaries/username/latest">My Diary’s Latest Entry</A>
  • <A HREF="http://www.deardiary.net/show/diaries/username/welcome">My Diary’s Welcome Page</A>
  • <A HREF="http://www.deardiary.net/show/diaries/username/random">My Diary, a Random Entry</A>– random entry

Replace username with your specific username of course :) and feel free to modify the actual text. Alternatively, if you want a graphic automatically generated which will show people whether you have updated today, check the Link Manager link on your members button bar when you are logged in!