Version 1.2

Work officially starts today on version 1.2 of Dear Diary, there may be some bend in the feature set for 1.2 yet but I think we’re mostly there and everything targetted for 1.2 should be done at the time we release since there’s really nothing major there, just a bunch of tweaks and improvements that actually should make quite a major improvement. We also retargetted a couple of the lesser 1.5 features down to 1.2 to get them in earlier.

We got a comment from one of the sites that has linked to us (which we appreciate, don’t get me wrong :) ) saying that we offer ‘limited customisation’, now technically I guess it’s true but I gotta wonder exactly how much some people expect :) Above a certain level of customisation surely the user would be doing it themselves?

Anyway, I emailed them to ask for their advice as to what we can do to improve things but haven’t heard back from them yet.

Some new graphics uploaded today, finally a couple more button sets to choose from and a bunch of backgrounds added – I really must get to putting some kind of pager into the background chooser so that it doesn’t get too unwieldy :)


Banners and Advertising

Well, now that the coding is all done and the system is online and (seems to be) reasonably stable it seems the hard work just begins.

Getting the message out about the system is very difficult, finding places that will advertise our site is quite hard. We’re on link exchange and they seem to be blasting our banners around as quickly as we add in any new credits (ie. for every two link exchange banners we show, they will show one of ours), and we are also on UKMIX (also the source of our banner, thanks Lars!) – and we are slowly starting to get some hits through from those.

Once we’ve let the freebie sources fester for a while and hopefully get our name a little better known (anything is better than how known we are at the moment!) then we’ll start going for paid advertising, it’s more a case of us not really being able to afford it than anything else what with all the startup costs :) That said, in a month or two we should be in a position to start putting some money into advertising and really get the site advertised on bigger websites such as Yahoo.

We are also getting ready to ramp up development on the new project too so hopefully by the time that one is about ready to go live this one will be getting a few more regular hits and we can use some of the hitcount of this site to boost up the other sites hits through a banner or two.



Today was our ‘planned’ launch date and sure enough it looks like the guys at Dedicated Servers (a Verio company) have kicked some butt internally and our server was ready and waiting for us when we got in this morning.

It’s around to Steve’s tonight to get the system uploaded and working!

Tonight comes and after uploading it, it’s broken ;( Working through testing the system on the new server we’ve found a few bugs, some major – some of that wonderful nature where you look at it and think, how the hell did this ever work???. Still, they are all fixed now and we’ve done some more testing on the new box, looks like we are now officially at Dear Diary 1.0 and ready to go – we’re just waiting for the DNS to propogate the new details so that people don’t have to go to the redirect page sitting on Ohms first :)


No sign of the server

Well, they said it should be today but it doesn’t look good, we haven’t heard anything yet about it so we’re just biding our time. So far we’ve found three other services on the net that are similar to what we are trying to achieve however most of them seem to have focused on the application side and not on the educational or ‘interesting’ side of diaries. We plan on adding a large website around the system so that those interested in diaries could actually use the site for some research as well.

We are also the only site with as much configurability as this! :)


Completion, ready to launch.

As of the end of today Dear Diary v1.0 is ready to go. We have to get the new server up and running (hopefully Monday) and get Dear Diary installed on it but the code itself is now (to the best of our knowledge) done with all known bugs fixed.

Woohooooo :)