If you have no illusions, you have no dissapointements

Bucket List Rehearsal

I’ve just did an odd thing that is not quite “me”, if you know what I mean…I’ve wrote a brief message to a friend long lost and instead of clicking on Send, deleted it…I have to say the idea to reach out was triggered by few random thoughts of them in the last few days. The reason is yet not apparent to me but, as I’ve learned to trust my instincts, I stretched for a reach…and the very last moment, suddenly thought Why and pressed the Delete. Boo Hoo…I am a little bit amused with how easy the switch happenned. I must’ve become a rubbish friend who doesn’t care…it comes down to a matter of priority in life, right?..

I am a week away from a Continental travel. This time the vacation will be spend mostly for the mother’s sake – I’m taking her on a trip. I think, I’ve managed to convince myself that this is something I own to her…who knows how soon she won’t be able to travel long distance at all due to her illness, now seems to be a somewhat “beforeitstoolate” moment. I’m being selfish and am taking her to our relatives. Secretly hoping that this way I won’t have all the responsibility for her vacations to go well. But from my personal point of view it won’t be too exiting a vacation – I’ve been there not once already and with my rule of Never Visit Places I’ve Already Been To there is that sense of yeah, whatever. I just need to get away from the Little Island, if only for a week…I found that I like it more when I occasionaly distance myself from it…and this time I just want it to be cheap&easy…all because my mind is occupied with the things that matter so much more to me…I’m working on my Bucket List.

Being a traveller for the most of my life, it is only natural for me to wish to see certain places while I still can. Approaching “That Age” mark transforms a wish into more of a need and I feel my wings flapping behind my back impatiently, ready to take off for a flight. Not this time though. But my secret is out anyway – I want…no, I deffinitely NEED to find a place to get away to to celebrate my stepping over the hill. So, Bucket List then.

Funny enough, as I set out to write it down, I found that apparently, some of the places I wanted-to-see-before-I-die, I’ve alreayd visited!

My long long list would’ve have The Pyramids in Egypt, Medditerranian Enigma Santorini and the Big Apple…all of these I’ve already seen, how cool is that?! I still have got a long one beside these though, to list a few, I wish to see with my own eyes, the Temples of Angkor Wat, the Northern Lights, I want to cross the Arctic Circle and admire the wonders of Norwegian Fjords,  I’d like to visit Cappadocia and lay my foot on Easter Island. I wish to explore Japan and to relax on Maldives…And for the Over the Pond plans I have the Grand Canoyn and Yellowstone on a menu…yummy!. Oh, and let’s not forget the Niagara Falls  and Boston colours in the Autumn! The closer-to-home places could also become the highlights. I am attracted to Spanish poetry of historical towns and I deffinitely want to visit all the extreme point of Europe…the western-others-most, the highest, the lowest…there are so many places I wish to see with my own eyes, not enough time and, the most important, not even nearly enough money, to indulge in every wish…So, let’s just dream of it…dream of it all, for I know from my own experience, if I dream bad enough, it will have to happen…and it usually does…I have stories to prove it…