If you have no illusions, you have no dissapointements

One Question, No Answer

I came to this place because I feel the need to say…so many of my friends have fallen into a trap of meaningless political debating when commenting and responding to the comments on Paris shooting…I do wish to debate. I’m an observer, not debator. But I have found my own point of view and I wish to make it clear.

Over the last few days I’ve seen and heard loads of reasoning, analysis, conspiracy theories, blind hatred and attempts on pacifying logical negogiations…I belive this is what was intended – to get people first talking, then – thinking…unfortunately, whoever came up with this masterplan, didn’t quite thought it through – there is no prize for correct answer, there is no even objective for  discussion raised….it feels as if all been orchestrated with a seldom purpose of “let’s see what might come out of it”…I’m not talking of the shooting itself, just of manipulation of the public reaction.

Personally I would like to make few core points clear and that’s where I stand:

– nobody has got the right to be a judge, yet along to be executor of that “judge” sentence.

those who did the shooting in Paris were wrong, were criminals, were simply bastards with no brains. No brains, perhaps, was what made them to be such bastards. Human being can easily modified this way, so whoever was responsible for those gunmen come out as they are, is even bigger bastard. What I failed to see is the political motives behind this. What they believed and how they interpreted and expressed their religion is nothing to do with the generalisation of Islam or any other religion for that matter. Every faith has got enough fanatical radicals in it.

– funny how being brought up in a strongly atheist state, I’ve learned from the school years to respect another’s sacred values. One does not offend another’s mother, another’s sister, another’s god of choice. No matter how nutty their beliefs might look to us, we do not tell them to stop believing immediately or diminish what they put on a pedestal. In Russia, an abscene mentioning one’s mother still considered as the biggest offense. I found the core issue of the recent events – the cartoons to be offensive, tastless and arrogant. Have you seen them? Not funny at all. But then – this is my personal taste, right? I won’t go all the way to Paris and nail down the artist just because I do not share his level of vulgar sense of humour. However, if they draw an obscene caricature ridiculing my mother, for example, or something else I love the most, I might have a word with them and certainly they won’t be welcomed in my house.

…there is an art and there is a pathetic doodle with direct intention to offend…I consider myself of some standard of cultural level to be able to differentiate between the two. The cartoonists have crossed the line, childishly teased the other side, if they haven’t been punished, they most likely wouldn’t get noticed by the general public at all. Albeit the punishement was not adequate.

What upset me the most, however, is the sheepish reaction of the rest of us…to those who came out to demonstrate how they are supporting democratic values, freedom of speech including, I have a question. A one simple question.

How come that one cannot make jokes about black people without being called a rasist, how come that one cannot make jokes about jews without being called antisemit, and how come one can laugh all they can at muslims and be called a hero, a symbol of democracy and freedom of speech…

I’m yet to see the answer…