My First Entry of the Year 2015

2014 is now behind me and so many other people who have lived through another year – fine or not.  I do not believe in making any New Year resolutions because they are bound to be broken.  I do my best at making improvements from the year before and start fresh from one year to the next.  I do not want to be judged on what I do or do not do, finish or not finish, or start and not finish.  I have to admit that I am a procrastinator every chance I get and I do my best at not being a procrastinator!  I enjoy the idea of pushing things off as much as I can!  But now with 2015 looming in for the next 12 months, I am going to do my very best at what I love to do, do what I dislike to do that deals with my emotional, physically, and mental health, and be the best person I can be no matter how much it makes me feel – kills me.  There is a big world out there for me – a big one – and I have to get out of my comfort zone a little more.

I do have to admit that I am not very happy with my upstairs neighbor because she likes to play with her dog before quiet hours and I am talking about making noise about an hour or so before quiet hours.  It is frustrating.  Last year I have really voiced my opinion openly with my mouth but this year I am going to do my best at not voicing my opinion openly with my mouth.  I can voice my opinion openly but I have to do so in a kind way instead of in anger like I have done so.  My upstairs neighbor and I will not be friends anymore because I cannot allow her moods into my life at all.  I also will not allow liars in my life.  Yes, my upstairs neighbor was making noise between 10 PM and 11 PM and some after quiet hours.  Ugggh!  I am working on my attitude towards my upstairs neighbor.  Maybe I need to have more sympathy or pity for my neighbor.  How does that sound?

A Relaxing Day Today

I have had my shower at 9 to 10:15 am.  All is good today,  Going to relax all day and watch TV, read if I can, and be on Facebook.  I invited CSE down to my apartment for a while this evening and she left around 11 pm.  I did not do much except walk around my apartment, snuggle and cuddle with Bing Crosby kitty, talked to my mom for a few minutes tonight, and my dad a few minutes earlier today.  It has been a relaxing day.  Watched a couple of Nora Roberts’ made for TV movies, Whisper, Wi Lthin, and a little bit of Live TV.  I did not need a nap but I wanted company for a while so CSE came down upon invitation since now my weekend, after tomorrow’s lunch with my dad will be busy,  Planning on going to church on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  I will have to call my ride for Sunday. Learned that JSL and her husband will not be going this weekend.  I will see them one day yet.

More later…