10-13-18 Explained

I have a few hours before 3 PM here to write before my IRIS hired worker MC comes at 3 PM to 8 PM to write.  After having the afternoon and evening off,I was able to get my thoughts in order to share about my feelings and experiences.  Every day I write about my thoughts of the day later in the day, but I thought I would talk/write about what happened yesterday at church because I was so wound up from all the people and stimulation.  My anxiety was up a little although it was controlled.  I do not do well in crowds anymore.  I have to sit with someone I know very well to be very comfortable with all the people around me.  Every few weeks/quarter, we get together with two other churches at the Woodland Community Church/the Janesville church.  The Seventh-day Adventist churches Beloit – the church I attend – Delavan and Woodland Community churches get together as one church. It is called District Church Meeting. It is where Janesville, Beloit, and Delavan get together as one church while one of the churches host and the pastor does a sermon.  After the worship service is over there is always a district meeting potluck.  This Sabbath – yesterday – the pastor had some songs for us to sing and another quick sermon after potluck.  I do not think I did not get home until 3 PM yesterday, but it did give me a couple of hours to relax and unwind before MC came at 5 PM to 8 PM.  I do have to admit that the two  hours before MC was not a lot of time to relax, but I was able to rest.

As far as the Sabbath is concerned, I love the Sabbath.  I love going to church to be with other members and friends. It also gets me a chance to learn more about God and Jesus through Sabbath School lessons and the Bible and hear a sermon.  It also gives me a chance to see my church family pull together as one vessel to share God’s word   The Sabbath is on Saturday and that is when I attend church every weekend.  Here is a website I want to share with others – my readers – about the Seventh-day Adventists.  It is an important site to me:  https://www.adventist.org/en/beliefs/… enjoy the reading.

Saturday Afternoon

For a Saturday afternoon I find it hard to find it hard to find the right words to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I have days like this from time to time. I just need to sit back, unwind, and get my thoughts in order to share on a later date.  Today sharing is not going to happen because it has been a long day at church and I feel that there was a lot of stimulation going on.  Now home from church, before my IRIS hired worker MC comes, I can relax a while before 5 PM.