Life In General

I have had dialysis this morning, personal cares and laundry done while I was hooked up to a dialysis machine.  I thought AR heard me that I was not bringing my phone with me this morning, but by 1 PM when I was done with dialysis, she did not hear me.  The most important thing is that she got my laundry done and had picked me up/was waiting for me when I had come out.  Today was my second Saturday and week on outpatient dialysis at the Henry Palmer Bldg. and being on the machine today was frustrating and I had to be quiet, still, and position my body while sitting  in the chair.  Patience was NOT  my forte this morning after afternoon at the dialysis center.

My AR parents texted me this morning, before I left for dialysis that they will see me Sunday morning because their dog S (female)was not well.  I am glad they are not coming today as planned this afternoon because after dialysis I am wanting to be left alone to do my own thing.  I do feel bad that their dog is not feeling well and unable to travel today, though.  I have loved S the moment I met her back a few years ago on a visit to AR one Thanksgiving or summer vacation.  Tomorrow, Sunday, is going to be a better day for their visit.


The weekend has finally arrived even though I do not believe that my weekend does not begin until sundown Sabbath Friday to Sundown Sabbath Saturday.  My weekend is now a little mixed up, but that is okay in my book – for now.  I am still bummed at the idea of missing church on Saturday Sabbath, though.  Mixed feelings still playing a role here, and I do miss my church family very much, also.

This coming week there are a couple of birthdays.  My stepfather’s and my stepmother’s.  I never miss a birthday, but sometimes I get busy in my day, I do not wish everyone a “Happy Birthday” every year.  This year one of those years I do not want to forget my stepfather’s or stepmother’s birthdays.  With my schedule now mixed in dialysis three times a week, my days can be tiring now.