Working On It

Now that 2019 is in its infancy, I do have to admit that I am glad to be here despite the emotions I experienced since October to the present day.  I am working towards better health, but I have run into some snags along the way to this new year.  I feel so far behind in journaling when it is not true.  I just haven’t posted everything yet.

Grandma Van 3

It is a sad day as well as happy.  The sad news is that Grandma Van passed away around 2:30 AM.  The Van family is kind of separated right now.  Pastor Van (former/retired)came home for a couple of days to be with his mom during her last hours of life.  He and CV (his wife)had driven to AZ to be with their boys and family.  Pastor Van is planning on returning to AZ to be with Friday.  The happy part of the day is that it is Thanksgiving Day. Despite Grandma Van’s passing, Thanksgiving dinner at the Van’s has not been cancelledG