Please Understand the Best You Can, Please?

Now, let me talk about something I have read in a news article online for a moment, please?!    I know there are many bad people out there and everyone has their choice to be where they feel most comfortable.  I believe some religions have harsh, strange, and outrageous views, but I do not complain.  One thing I am not very fond of is honor killing among the Muslim faith.  I find that brutal when it happens here in the United States.  I do not agree with immigrants coming over here without a green card to work or establish a new life.  I care about the immigrants who do well in our country to show that that love our country but when a Muslim man rapes a 7-year-old girl and her teenager brother ends up killing him, I find that the judicial courts unforgiving.  I believe that the teenager should pay for his wrongdoing, but for 30 years?  That is where I feel the judicial system can be a little too harsh.  Now someone can probably understand that politics can be very hard to talk about because I have beliefs and others may have other beliefs…religion, too.  We are divided and our first President of the United States, George Washington, did not want this from the very start.


An Early Morning Thought

Please excuse my moment or two of getting my thoughts in order being a little longer than I expected.  I was planning on getting back to journaling, but time escaped me last evening to bed time.  I am here now.  It is half past 6 and personal cares at 8 AM or so, and then Bible study tonight.  It is going to be a semi-busy day.  As far as Wednesdays are concerned, I do have to say that is about to change after next Wednesday February 21 because the Seventh-day Adventist Pastor is going to retire at the end of the month and his last sermon will be presented on February 24 at the Janesville Adventist Church titled Woodland Community Church.  Now, I have not gone to church in Janesville for quite some time except to go to Bible study Wednesday nights.  I have been very happy in Beloit these past couple of years.  My life and duties are at Beloit now.  I have found a family of SDA members I have come to know and care about so much there.  I have found my place outside the confines of my apartment I feel most welcome and comfortable.