Good Night

It is getting late and it is almost time for bed.  I will be back tomorrow if God allows me another day.  It has been a good weekend.  I feel I have gotten past the daylight savings time ordeal.  When my personal cares worker left about an hour ago, she turned off the light and it was so dark in my apartment even with my laptop screen and TV on behind me.  It’s very dark outside right now.  I had to have my personal cares work DK turn on the light above the kitchen sink in order for me to see anything in my apartment.  It was dark enough that I could not even seen my hand in front of my face.  That is one reason why I do not like Daylight Savings time.


It Just Does Not Feel Like It…

It sure does not feel like it is already the fourth day of the month.  In fact, I find this month the last and final month of a real Summer.  I do not know how other people feel about August but I sure do feel Summer is about over.  I am still wondering where July went.  I think I am dwelling on something about July or having trouble letting go of something that is not really important.  It just does not feel like the fourth day of August to me today for some reason.