Not My Normal Monday

I have gotten up around 7 AM this morning after getting back to sleep before 5:30 AM.  AR was here from 9 to 10 AM this morning to help with personal cares.  She is taking over for DKF today and tomorrow for medical reasons – to be with her husband.  As far as my day is concerned, I am feeling a little emotional.  I just did not expect the month of July to begin with one emotion after another.  What in the world am I dreading, questioning, and wondering about now.  Oh how I dislike days like this.


The Beginning of a New Day

Another day has begun.  I have no major plans today for the first time in a while.  My IRIS employee DKF will only be here an hour today as far as I know since the beginning of the work week, so my day is whatever it is going to be.  She will be late today because she has to take her grandson to summer school this morning.  She is usually here by 7 – 7:15 AM to work, but not today.  When DKF gets here to help me with my personal cares and get me dressed for the day, I will be busy for a little bit.  After she leaves, I will have the rest of the day to Bing Crosby the Cat and myself.

DKF will be here in 10 minutes from what I understand of the text she just sent.

The Riverdale Series

DKF and I are almost done with watching the second season of Riverdale, but we will have to wait until tomorrow or Friday to watch the last episode of the second season on Netflix.  Both of us have been hooked and intrigued as each episode played out from the first season to the next.  There is so much mystery in this show between the characters Archie, Veronica and her parents, Jughead, Betty, Cheryl Blossom and her family.  With the Archie comics characters coming to life on a TV show that is not a cartoon does make the memories of the cartoon similar.  Weren’t the cartoon characters in Archie always getting into mischief?  I believe so.  Waiting for the next series to be added to Netflix first since I do not have time to catch up on Riverdale right now.