January 8, 2017 — Some Afternoon Thoughts

I have not forgotten to write in my diary the past four days.  I have been very busy with other things that have taken priority first before journaling or any writing.  In fact, today was the first day in a few that I have even picked up my Kindle Paper White until today after four days.  I have been busy studying God’s Word, doing devotionals, and reading other spiritual, uplifting materials.  I have had my TV on less during the past few days as well and yesterday the TV was on the most out of the entire day and evening.  It is amazing how God’s Word and reading can take you away from secular reading and TV watching when you are working very hard with God.  I have to admit, not strong enough, that Saturday afternoon, as well yesterday (Sunday), and today, I am behind in my spiritual studies and have some catching up to do.  It feels weird or strange to be out of sync and routine of what I have begun January 1, 2018.  Spiritual reading and understanding can take you away from things that are not as important as I once thought was important.  I am hanging in there.

As always, today is the busiest day of the week.  Monday is my cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping day.  I have already had my personal cares at 8 AM this morning, got dressed for the day, and I did not even think of going grocery shopping on a warmer, winter morning, with my IRIS worker DB!  I should have gone!  As time moves on ahead, my IRIS worker will be gone soon, then the rest of the day is all mine and Bing Crosby’s until tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  I will write more later – or tomorrow.


Taking Time

With the fact that I have to leave in a few minutes to go to an appointment, I thought I would take a few moments to write in my journal and say hello quickly. I do not want to forget to write in my journal anymore even though there will be a day or two when it’s not possible for me to do so because of time, place, and being. I am doing okay. I have to go out in the cold, wintry weather to get to my appointment. I am going to have to put up with exiting and entering buildings today…willingly more so than not willingly. I cannot forfeit this kind of appointment when it comes to the health of my kidney that is slowly dying from kidney disease after 28 years since my first transplant. I thank God for the chance to have the life I have at this time even though I did not understand at the time of the transplant what God’s plans were/are for me today. I was only a typical teenager.

I have to go for now. I will be back later to write more. I am looking forward to my adventure. I hope everyone else has a good afternoon until then. If anyone is dealing with cold, wintry weather in the United States, may your day be warm and comfortable indoors as well as do be safe out there.