My Thoughts Are With Parkland, Florida & Surrounding Communities

I wanted to vent about something I have observed last night while leaving for Bible/prayer meeting last night, but given the time of tragedy, my venting about what I have observed seems so redundant right now.  Not the right time to vent about my own personal thoughts, woes, and understanding of certain cliques.  Even though my diary and journals are my own personal and public words scrolling across the computer’s screen, my vent can wait until tomorrow or later in the weekend.  I have no problem with that.

My heart goes out to the community of Parkland, Florida, and the surrounding communities.

The victims of the shooting who have lost their lives because a 19-year-old teenage boy who was expelled last year due to bringing certain paraphernalia to school that was not allowed.  As the news continues to air about this latest shooting, I am glad that the Nation is being informed and aware of what is going on.  I do feel bad for the victims and families who have lost loved ones because of a teenager’s need to go on a shooting spree at school.  I am praying for them all!

I am appalled, my heart aches, and I do wonder when a student – former or attending school – will snap and do the same in my own city.  It is sad to even think about it, but in 2018, we have a great number of shootings.  It saddens me to see and hear although I do have to keep up with what is going on in our world today, so I can pray and continue to pray.  Whatever happened to this Michael Cruz, whether he snapped because of mental illness or something is indeed wrong with him because of what has happened in life as a baby and child, I do find that being charge for 17 counts of premeditated murder is necessary and warranted for this horrible and sad tragedy.  I feel for the victims and their families, and the community even though I am not from the State of Florida myself.  I am compassionate and when someone does not something wrong, I am for doing what is right for punishment of what crime was committed.  One last article I want to share about the Parkland, Florida school shooting. My prayers are going up to God.

The Beginning of the Last Day of 2017

I know my day is just beginning but sometimes I have to write more than one entry a day.  Today is one of those days…like yesterday.  I know I have not written in my diary as much as I once did in the past and I do not have any excuse for it except for time and the need to do so.  No excuses allowed.  I know I can find time to write in my diary every day and why not start right now as the year 2017 leaves us forever and 2018 comes for 12 months tomorrow, January 1, 2018.  I am not going to complain about how fast 2017 has come and gone although I have definitely done my fair share of complaining…mainly things I have no control over.  I have to yet learn or control my complaining nature and live life to the fullest of what life I have from day to day.  I think too far in advance, anxiety will find its way into my world.  I have found a website worth reading about anxiety and how it can affect anyone’s life when dealing with anxiety and overthinking everything. is a very interesting and awesome read.  Although the internet is not always the best place to do research at times, I do have to admit that learning about myself to help myself and others is worth sharing.  Also, with anxiety, I deal with being worrisome … overthinking things during my anxious mode.  I found an awesome website about how to stop overthinking and being worrisome.…  … Why not start on the last day of 2017, right?  I believe so.  Worry, anxiety, worrying about things that we/I/you have no control over can begin right now as the new beginning of 2018.