My Friday

It has been a fairly busy day today.  It was a good day up until the afternoon when I slept the afternoon away.  It began to rain when I was asleep so I had awakened to rain hitting the ground in its time.  I think we are going to have a rainy weekend.  I do have to admit that I did get my personal cares, got dressed for the day, and a cupboard organized today.  It was after company had left, that I had fallen asleep for a while.

My Thought Process

Sometimes when I set aside a time to write my thoughts down and share this with others, I must set aside everything else that does not get in the way.  I was not able to sit down today and write my thought processes down so I can begin to share my need to speak entry with others.  After personal cares, I ended up getting a call from a neighbor who wanted to share supper with me, and that was done instead of sitting at the company all late afternoon.  I found it more important than writing because my neighbor needed some time with me.  Now it is time for me to say good night and I will get back tomorrow or another day.