My Thursday

Today’s Schedule

This is NOT my typical Thursday of November 30, 2017.  I kid you not.  I do not only have personal cares and food prep time today.  Bing Crosby the Cat has an appointment with his veterinarian this morning at 11 AM for his routine examination/vaccinations, and his right eye needs to be looked at as well.  One thing I love this vet is that he is a traveling vet and since Bing Crosby the Cat does not travel well in a vehicle while in a carrier, this traveling veterinarian has been a blessing to both of us.  I do not think this vet charges for a home visit like the vets who have clinics.  It saves on expenses that is certain.  Also, I have my parents who live in AR, who are in Wisconsin for the remainder of 2017, are coming to visit for a little bit while Dad puts together my new chair they got for me to enjoy before Christmas (one of my Christmas gifts for 2017).  I have a busy day, and this is my schedule until after 12 noon today.

Reflections of Today’s Schedule

I have had my shower/bath at 8 AM, and my IRIS worker DB (former IDS worker) came around 10 AM.  We put up my Christmas decorations for Christmas and decoration the Christmas tree that was pulled out of the box Monday during DB’s workday Monday morning.  We were waiting for Dr. S (the vet) to come as well.  I was getting a little anxious when 11 AM rolled around because he was not here yet and my parents would be arriving at 12 noon.  When my parents say they are going to be here at 12 noon, they are here at 12 noon with a text saying they are just around the corner or in the parking lot already.

The vet arrived a little after 11 AM.  When he got here, he looked at Bing Crosby the Cat, commented on Bing’s behavior, demeanor, and attitude being good.  He examined Bing thoroughly, told me and DB that Bing had a wonderful purr, does not like to be held down but will tolerate it, a talker, and is quite forgiving right away after being “dramatized”.  Most cats hiss, huff, and bite Dr. S but Bing knows what he is doing and why.  He is one cat I am happy to have.

At 12 noon my parents from Arkansas, visiting in Milwaukee for the rest of the year came and went kind of slowly.  It seemed that way.  I got my new living room chair today from them for an early Christmas present.

Rumors and Gossip

Yesterday I shared the definitions of the words rumor and gossip.  It runs rampart around here at Burbank Plaza.  That is one reason why I keep to myself more than most I have done so in the past 19 years I have lived here.  Rumors and gossip can be vicious, hurtful as well as reputations being thrown out the window quickly.  I have heard my fair share while living here for the past 19 years now, and it saddens me to no end.  It also aggravates me to hear people talk about others behind their backs and believe me, I have done my share of gossip in the past.  I do not want anything to do with rumor and gossip anymore.  I will continue to hear rumors and gossip as I pass tenants in the hallway as I come and go from my apartment out the door, to the mail box, to the pop machine, and to the manager’s office but I will not take part in any gossip any longer.  What comes out of the mouths of the tenants now are just words I hear often and sometimes too often that is gossip about someone.  Now, normal chattering such as “how are you? Is something I can handle.  From October 2016 through to May 10, 2017, I had to put up with someone’s anger and retaliation from her boyfriend making continued noise after 10 PM when he was staying here, and I ended up being a bit of gossip.  Yes, I have heard gossip that was said about me.  For six months I had to put up with a tenant’s continued and escalating behavior while her boyfriend pretty much moved in and she decided to play house.  What is even harder to understand is that while all this was going on for six months, I felt I was not heard until other tenants began to complain about the same thing I was dealing with, but I was heard, and tenants understood what I was going through.  I have been told that what I was dealing was worse from what they were dealing with.


I have been gossiped about and it has come back to me about the whole situation I dealt with for six months that what I heard was indeed not true when it came out of the mouth of my now former neighbor.  When I started complaining about her boyfriend making noise, she had gotten notices about it and knew it was me complaining, and it escalated from the first day to the very last day of her tenancy here at Burbank Plaza.  It had gotten so bad that, in order to evict her, property management as well as management here, had to get money to legally evict her at the level of court.  I would not have survived the court proceeding of her eviction, but other tenants have gone to support the manager of the building.  I ended up hearing the good news of the tenant being evicted and her notice to vacate the premises was a 30-day.

Do you know how hard it is, as a Christian who wants to do what is right, to forgive someone after they have been hurt so badly?  It is very hard, but it does need to be done.  Even though what happened began a year ago October 2016, the tenant is no longer here, but I still remember it clearly as if it happened/began yesterday.  It is sad but I am happy again and I have become one of those people who does not go out much anymore except to the grocery store, Bible study/prayer meeting, and church.  I do have to admit, upon reflecting here, I have not gone to the grocery store for several weeks and allowing my former IDS worker DB, who now works for me through IRIS, go without me.  I do need to get back on my feet and combat this fear I have been having.

I am glad the eviction process took place and the tenant was out of here as of May 10, 2017.  I have talked to a couple of tenants about my hurt and what I had to deal with for six months a few times in the past seven months and I have heard stories from tenants as well.  It just amazes me how tenants say that they are so upset with our former neighbor but hear from her time to time, and the stories I hear are whoppers.  Who is telling the truth?  I have become one of those people who will take it from the person who is telling the truth more so than from others who have heard rumor or gossip.  Living at Burbank Plaza is like living in Peyton Place or Melrose Place without the sex and infidelity.  I am very serious, and it is my thoughts about gossip and rumor.  It is best to stay to yourself around here.

I Need to Speak My Mind (Part 2)

Here I am … the need to speak … is happening right now.  Today something did happen that I wish did not happen.  I got online on my Facebook social media site and one thing happened that I did not want to see.  A certain someone wanted to be my friend on Facebook.  I have not given this person and his wife the time of day to be in my life for over a year now – maybe even longer – as I have unfriended and blocked them from seeing my page or they have blocked me for some reason or another.  Well, I did not want to befriend them on Facebook again so I declined and blocked these people.  From my experience with this person and his wife, I have learned that he is someone I cannot trust because he used to be married to two friends of mine who I have no real contact with or no contact whatsoever.  One of his ex-wife CSE – formerly known as CKR – has some issues she needs to get help with.  Her mental state is not good.  In fact, she scares me and I do not need her complicated life to mix with my own life and make me feel unstable.  I feel that her ex-husband has a hidden agenda in mind if I befriended him on Facebook from past experiences.  He cannot be trusted and I am NOT going to give him the time to be an idiot toward me any time soon.