Entry 2 – Go With the Flow

So far so good.  Have had my sponge bath before the water was turned off as well as getting my water ready for the day and Bing Crosby the Cat fed with fresh water.  DKF is not feeling well again, but she is here working. I have dialysis this morning at 9:15 AM for 3 ½ hours and we have about 45 minutes left before we have to leave. Today is going to be a very good day and whatever happens during dialysis will be what falls into place.  In other words, I am going to go with the flow today.

Entry 1 – A Brand New Day

A brand-new day to get it right with God.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I believe it with all my heart.  What happened so far this week is now in the past even though I remember it well.  I wonder what today will bring.  I am waiting patiently for DKF arrive for personal cares. The water is going to be turned off for a while today for some reason here at Burbank Plaza Apartments, but I will not be here for a while after 8:30 AM because I have dialysis today.  Yep, today is dialysis day.