Working On It

Now that 2019 is in its infancy, I do have to admit that I am glad to be here despite the emotions I experienced since October to the present day.  I am working towards better health, but I have run into some snags along the way to this new year.  I feel so far behind in journaling when it is not true.  I just haven’t posted everything yet.

Where is Winter?

2018 is gone except through memories now as we now begin 2019.  Another year has come which begins a new start.  No New Year resolutions here, but I am doing my best at being the best I can. Since October I have been dealing with a lot of emotions that where the holidays are finally over, I can relax and get back on track with my life.  We have had a strange winter this year.  We have had very little snow.  The weather has been warm – like springtime – and not having snow for Christmas was a disappointment.  I want to see snow before it becomes Spring.  Are we going to have a true winter?  Only God knows.