Not My Normal Monday

I have gotten up around 7 AM this morning after getting back to sleep before 5:30 AM.  AR was here from 9 to 10 AM this morning to help with personal cares.  She is taking over for DKF today and tomorrow for medical reasons – to be with her husband.  As far as my day is concerned, I am feeling a little emotional.  I just did not expect the month of July to begin with one emotion after another.  What in the world am I dreading, questioning, and wondering about now.  Oh how I dislike days like this.


A Moment of Thought

Waking up this morning before 5 AM for a few minutes is believed a very good reason.  DKF’s husband was due to be at the hospital to have surgery.  He s going to have aortic heart replacement done.  I know that, even though it was only a few minutes, I am acknowledging to God that my thoughts for SF was being noticed by Him.  My feelings for SF is sisterly even though I am worried about the procedure and wondering how it will work for him.  DKF and SF know I am a worrier.  I will be ok, though.  I do agree and believe that SF is in the best care even though my feelings are a little mixed right now.  Now, I am going back to sleep for a while.