A Late Night


It’s late and bed time was two hours ago.  Church in the morning and a busy day at church we have tomorrow.  I am going to say good night and God bless for now.  So much has happened since last Sabbath Saturday and that day will come when I say something about it.  It is just not happening tonight.

Good Morning

Happy Sabbath!  It is a good morning…so far.  I am not going to argue.  I do have to admit that this morning I let another Facebook friend go by unfriending them because of her strong political views against the President of the United States.  I will rarely talk about politics in my diary here because politics is one hard subject to talk about outside of sex and religion.  Sometimes, though, as a buffer for me, I will express my openness and disappointment sometimes but writing about politics is one subject that is indeed hard to write about because everyone has their own views.  But it was political as to why I unfriended a friend on Facebook this morning.

Well, church is looming in and I better get going and ready.  I have to give Bing Crosby the Cat his Sabbath treats for the morning.  I have to say good bye for now and come back later today.  I hope everyone has a good morning.