Time to Close the Shop of Thoughts

Is there such a thing as closing your thoughts?  Probably not…

As my night ends without any problems, I do have to say it has been a very good day.  I cannot argue how my day went because there is nothing to argue about.  I do not think it could have gone any better.  When I do not feel pressure or stress, my days do seem to go smoothly and comfortably.  Why argue?  I do not want to ever argue for just the sake of arguing because it is a waste of breath and space that could be filled with something nice and worthwhile.  Now, with bedtime looming, I want to be able to sleep without the need to dream and I have been doing a lot of dreaming lately.  Let those dreams come.  One day I am going to figure those dreams out.  Good night and God bless.  It is time for me to close my little shop of thoughts for the night and go snuggle up with Bing Crosby the Cat for the night.  God willing another day will soon come.



The Beginning of My Day

Another day, another Monday, another week has begun.  I have my personal cares today around 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM and then my services with IDS shortly thereafter.  As this week comes and goes, so does IDS at the end of the week.  IDS ((Independent Disabilities Services) is closing their doors to all clients as of September 25th because of funding and the family care programs that came into play as of June 2016.  IDS can no longer keep their doors open or keep afloat any longer for clients with disabilities.  The workers at IDS will be out of jobs by the end of the year because, although, the IDS office is closing its doors to clients, workers will be clearing things out, getting rid of papers that are no longer going to be useable, and leaving behind a legacy of clients living on their own with their family care program of choice.  My heart is not 100% okay about this but I do admit that IDS closing their doors was forthcoming a year ago before the Family Care Program finally arrived in Wisconsin.  I am going to lose one of my supports but not DB.  DB is going to work with me after the 29th of September through IRIS.  DB has been with me for two years now and she knows my schedule, needs, and habits.

It is now a little after 12 noon and both personal cares and services are done for the day.  I do have to admit that, now, having time for myself for the rest of the day is much needed and warranted.  I can sit here at home and work away on my computer, play games, read, and do what is necessary to make my day not stressful.  Yesterday was the first day I did not feel pressure to get things done in my day and today is turning out to be one of those days as well – no pressure.  I love days without pressure, stress, and personal issues in the mix.