I Need to Speak My Mind (Part 2)

Here I am … the need to speak … is happening right now.  Today something did happen that I wish did not happen.  I got online on my Facebook social media site and one thing happened that I did not want to see.  A certain someone wanted to be my friend on Facebook.  I have not given this person and his wife the time of day to be in my life for over a year now – maybe even longer – as I have unfriended and blocked them from seeing my page or they have blocked me for some reason or another.  Well, I did not want to befriend them on Facebook again so I declined and blocked these people.  From my experience with this person and his wife, I have learned that he is someone I cannot trust because he used to be married to two friends of mine who I have no real contact with or no contact whatsoever.  One of his ex-wife CSE – formerly known as CKR – has some issues she needs to get help with.  Her mental state is not good.  In fact, she scares me and I do not need her complicated life to mix with my own life and make me feel unstable.  I feel that her ex-husband has a hidden agenda in mind if I befriended him on Facebook from past experiences.  He cannot be trusted and I am NOT going to give him the time to be an idiot toward me any time soon.

A weekend Has Come and Gone So Fast

The weekend has come and gone so quickly…too quickly.  Before long it will be Monday.  What a nice weekend it was although it was very hot and uncomfortable.  For September, the weather in Wisconsin has been somewhat unbelievable and amazing at the same time.  After Tuesday I believe the weather is going to be cooler and te Indian Summer will disappear.

I have not forgotten the need to speak what has been on my mind.  Time is of the essence and I haven’t had the time to write in my diary since the September 19th.  It has been a very, very busy week once again. Now, with Sunday leaving once again, my week is going to be filled with personal cares and services as personal cares is a daily occurrence while services is on Monday and Thursday every week.

I am not dreading the week coming or Monday or Thursday.  I just love my weekends now.