Still Happy

I am still very happy that is back up and running.  Starting tomorrow I can play catch up with what has been going on since the last time i wrote in my diary.  Believe me when I say I was happy that the site has been fixed. I was getting a little scared that something permanent had happened to DD. It has been a fairly good day today and I am going to go to bed to read a bit before retiring for the night.  I did have company come this afternoon for a little bit today but that’ll be told about another day – maybe tomorrow – and I am going to say good night and go wind down for the night.  TV is going to be shut off for the night, the lights will be turned off, and my phone is going to be at arm’s length.


Dear Diary is up and running again.  Yay!  I was beginning to get very discouraged the past few days here.  I understand that the internet is not always a sure thing when links or code is broken.  It is not the creator’s fault whatsoever.  The need to write and share my life the past few days have been lost in the midst of it all, though.  I am glad the SB was able to fix the problem and us diarists can write in our diaries again.  It pays to be persistent and on the ball of things.  It also pays to have someone who cares about other people as SB does.  I do love Dear Diary.  I have been here for a very long time now even though I was Dear Diary – for a few years now.  Being here is my life now.