We Were Spoiled This Week and Now Winter’s Back

Yesterday my day escaped past me so fast that I did not get to do any shopping for a shredder on Best Buy’s website.  I ended up shopping for one this afternoon before Sabbath began.  Another day, today, escaped me to some extent that writing for my diary for the first time at 7:00 PM is a first in a long time.  I got lazy all day watching recorded TV programs on my DVR and then got into Law and Order: SVU for a couple of hours as well on live TV.  We have been spoiled with real nice spring weather this past week until yesterday when it got cold again and we have snow and slippery spots about the area once again.  I believe Mother Nature is toying with us this month.  It has been nice and warm indoors all day.

This morning, before my shower gal got here, the internet was not working.  I have Charter cable and internet and apparently, the weather we had last night took out Charter phone and internet for a while this morning.  I was not very happy at first because I thought it had something to do with my modem (only) but when I had spoken to my shower gal DK she said that her client’s mother said that she could not get online either so my idea of calling Charter sometime after my shower did not happen because that is exactly what I thought of doing when I got out of the shower and the internet was still not working.  By the time, I got out of the shower and dressed for the day the internet was back up and running again with a few slow moments from time to time before 12 noon.  Being a blogger, a diarist, and faithful user of Microsoft Office Online, I was beginning to feel the anxiety rise and panic set in but after hearing there was an issue with Charter I felt more at ease.  Once again, I did not get a lot done as planned today due to the weather toying with us and winter is back.  I am looking forward to spring finally getting here excluding the thunderstorms and rain although we do need the rain to keep our grasses green and nice.

My Morning Thoughts

I went to Bible study last night at the Janesville SDA church Woodland Community.  We are now studying the Book of Galatians and we read and answered questions for chapter 1 of 6 chapters.  We finally finished the Book of Daniel last week after three months leaving the Janesville SDA church two weeks behind the Beloit and Delavan churches and this is a first this time around in Bible study.  It’s ok though.  The Janesville church does not always have an attendance that is large enough to hold a study occasionally.  Anyway…I got home before 9 PM which left me to have some time with Bing Crosby the cat before retiring to bed for the night.  In fact I was hoping to get back to my diary and write some more last night but it did not happen as I had planned which I do not find a problem at all.  Tenants were in the community room playing a game called “Train” and I went in to say hello to everyone even though I do not like all the tenants here.  I should be civil despite my feelings.  I need to consider looking at number that I had given a neighbor (a vet who travels) because it did not work for her.  Looking at the number I believe I had typed incorrectly into my phone and gave the neighbor the wrong number.  I hope so anyway.  DB will be here this morning for food preparation and I will ask her for the number again as this is the vet she uses for her fur babies and I have used him once already to get Bing his yearly vaccinations last summer since he does not travel very well.  Once I find out the number I will text my neighbor since I do have her phone number in my phone.

What am I going to do today?  I am having my shower in a few minutes, then DB will be here for food preparation, and then the rest of the day is all mine.  I will go on Facebook and do some reading of posts and comment, read and listen to devotions, shop online for a shredder at Best Buy, and what else comes to mind.  I would like to write a tribute about NMS but the timing is just not happening yet