When Not Feeling Very Well Time Seem To Go By Slowly!

When I do not feel  very good, with a cold or the flu, or just feeling very good, i do have to admit that time seems to go by very slowly.  I cannot believe that it is only going to be 12 noon in about half an hour and believe me I feel it is later that that!  UUGGHH!  Oh well.  I have watched an hour of Murder, She Wrote TV show now in syndication for years, watched a Murder She Wrote movie at 8 AM and again I am watching another Murder, She Wrote Movie titled Murder, She Wrote: To Die For.  It is mystery movie day,  I will also be watching two Gourmet Detective movies this afternoon with an interruption called a shower at 2 PM.  UUGGHH…RK will not be here for an about two and a half hours!  I think I am going to go and relax a bit before she comes and get some more sleep.

I Wish People Would Stay Home Sometimes

On Monday my shower gal BS came to work.  She did not look like she was feeling very good.  She told me she was not feeling very good and her body was achy.  She was coughing on Friday and now, this weekend, I do not feel very good and I am coughing up a storm and achy myself.  I also have my period and that does not help much either.  I will be okay but it is going to be a while before I feel better.  I am not getting prescription medications for this cold at this time because I have heard some scary stories yesterday about someone who was given medication and died a couple of days later.  So i am taking Mucinex DM cough syrup at this time to keep my dratted cough at bay.  Otherwise I am doing okay.  I have my shower gal RK coming here at 2 PM to help with my shower and believe me…I WANT a shower today.  No shower gal yesterday.