Wintry Day

How can I really explain my day today?  It’s easy, I think.  Okay, here it goes…

My day went very well.  In fact I had gotten up at 7 AM this morning or so there after 7 AM.  I got into some comfortable clothes, got online for a while and did some paperwork, and got my monthly bill statues and my monies set up to do correct additions or subtractions.  Doing finances weekly is not boring or seem like a big, unwanted chore.  Anyway, I did not have any major plans today.  I did not have to the clinic to do my weekly urine sample for a protein/creatinine check.  I was able to get a small and needed, wanted break from doing just that this week.  Next week I go to Madison for an appointment to meet a new doctor who has been added to my kidney transplant team.  Dr. S.  I am so looking forward to meeting her and finding out a few things in regard to my kidney disease and what is going on in my blood.  Anyway, going out earlier today, seriously, was not the wisest thing unless you really had to.  It snowed here in Wisconsin today.  It snowed real good.  At first I thought it was coming down furiously but it didn’t but it did come down hard.  Our parking lot was cleared from snow two times today – earlier this morning  and just a few minutes ago I saw a truck with a plow attached to it doing its job.

Strange as it may sound, I did not have the TV on all day like i usually do.  Bing slept in the bedroom on the bed most of the day.  I ate lunch and supper in my living room watching TV then, but I did a lot of reading from my second Kindle i had gotten a couple of years ago or so now.  I read from my 4th Kindle last night while laying in bed before going to sleep.  I did a lot of reading today – Kindle reader on laptop and 2nd Kindle reader this afternoon.  With the weather the way it was all day, it was a great day to stay indoors and away from other tenants after my 8:30 AM shower, and read.  I am reading the first book of the Twilight series and it is very good this far and I am not like reading romances.  I think I am intrigued about the Twilight series because of the story about vampires.  I know that sounds weird but I believe that is very true today.  Ummm?

At the same of staying indoors all day and not seeing other tenants out and about myself, I have seen tenants come and go from the apartment building, heard familiar voices as tenants go past my apartment while sitting at the kitchen table doing my paperwork and taking the chance to use my desk chair.  Bing loves to lay to sleep on my desk chair when i am not using it now that I am using it at my kitchen table for comfort and space.  My neighbor RS was home throughout the day making her normal daily noise along with noise sounding like her power chair was dragging something behind it.  I just wanted to scream but then again I have decided to get into a book for a while.  I even have my phone sound off so I do not get interrupted with its messages and posts coming in on a regular basis.  Did I get a lot done?  No, not really, but enough done to be satisfied for the day.  Tomorrow will be a busy day here at Burbank Plaza Apartments.  Everyone is getting new keys because are getting new locks on our apartment doors.  I need to be dressed and ready for the day for sure for that.

As for the rest of my evening I am going to relax and take my meds early and get some sleep.  I have a big day tomorrow.  Today was a very good day.

The Dr. Phil Show

I really like watching the Dr. Phil Show.  If a subject piece gets too hot or not my taste, I then I do not watch the episode that day.  I will delete it from my DVR recordings then.  Well, the past two days I DID watch the show and I was appalled about the mother who said that his daughter said that her dad molested her and her daughter was 3 years old at the time.  Honestly, from watching the episode(s) – yesterday and today – I did not see anything the father did wrong to his daughter this mother said her daughter said he did.  This mother made me sick to my stomach to the point that I wanted to hurl a pillow to the TV and scream at her for being a liar, a coach, and someone who cannot be trusted.  This woman made me sick.  If I was in Dr. Phil’s audience for this taping, I would have literally left with an explanation that this one woman is nuts and an idiot.  The father who was accused of molesting his daughter did a lie detector test for the show and passed whereas the mother declined to do the polygraph test with a few choice words that were bleeped out from the show when Dr. Phil said them.  That was proof enough for me to see that this mother was a liar and does so when she does not get her way anywhere in her life.  I was even appalled at the idea that this woman’s grandfather even made a comment that showed that this woman’s daughter’s dad is a bad man.  This woman has certain people wrapped her little finger and I am very glad I do not know her personally.  I do not like this woman at all.  She’s troubled no doubt.