Food Prep, Let’s Get Rid of this Cold Now, Thoughts of Politics, and Changes Ahead

Food Prep

I had food prep this morning. We decided on making (cooking already made) vegetable lasagna and Salisbury steaks with cheese with vegetables. We also warmed up a pizza to eat with my weekly can of Cherry Vanilla Pepsi (12oz) can. DB left just a little bit ago.

Let’s Get Rid of this Cold Now

I now have Mucinex MD Max for my cold and some congestion issue. Let’s get ride of this cold now, huh? I say, “yes, let us do just that.”…I am sick and tired of it. Now, I believe I can get rid of it slowly but surely.

Thoughts on Politics

I am going to do my best here in not making other people angry with me or upset about politics altogether here, but I am not happy about how things go politically anymore than the next person. I have thought, for the past several weeks now, that the people running for president after Obama has been nothing but a joke…at first…now I am not so sure of how much of it is a joke any longer. I do have to admit that it is distressing and overwhelming to have my television on at any time of the day now in regards to the news. I still get sick thinking about it because spiritually I know that things are going to get worse before it gets better and it is not going to get better before Jesus’ 2nd coming. It is very sad that not everyone sees more stuff is coming…are blind to the truth spiritually. Politics is one subject that will be very hard to talk about without bringing religion into it as well. My heart knows more troubles are coming and I will have to accept the changes as they come whether I am prepared or not.

I do not know who will be the best President of the United States because we all have issues, agendas, and pasts that are always going to come out into the open whether we want them or not. I my thoughts on who will be the best President of the United States is no one is best. No one can change what has already been changed without affecting something, some people, or what else is in the way. No one is going to be able to bring America back to what it was before it was put into its second recession like the 1920s and 1930s. I understand that Obama is not a favorite among many people in the United States and the idea of his presidential crusade in the past eight years have proved to be an roller coaster ride. Is he Muslim? Is he a Christian? Is Obama really for our country or not? My thoughts to the Muslim and Christian are confusing. People believe Obama is Muslim and not a Christian. I am confused about this and I believe that is what my thought here will upset other people. I’ve heard both sides – he is Muslim and my parents in NM believe he is, and I have a Pastor who believes he’s not Muslim. I believe…seriously…that Obama has made some serious mistakes and wants to control this country…be a dictator or something like that. That we do not need. This is where the government God has is tons better than the government is here on earth. It is too extreme now. There is never going to be a compromise between the parties in congress. UGH!

Changes Ahead

Wisconsin is going to have changes coming in the near future. There is a meeting at our job center on April 7th and I do not like the idea whatsoever. I have to go by myself…hopefully a ride will be provided for me that afternoon at 1 to 3 pm. I will NOT go at 6 – 8 pm for the meeting. I have too much to get prepared for.

More later today…

Spring Cold…Yuck, Relaxation, and More Reading of Twilight Saga

Spring Cold…Yuck

I really hate winter to spring colds as I get them EVERY YEAR no matter what part of March it is. I always get colds during this time of year and it drives me crazy. I did not get the flu last year nor did I fall. I always find them colds…yuck. I hope I get some Mucinex tomorrow.


I relaxed for the most part. My appetite is not the greatest. I am eating okay but I have to force myself to do so when I have a cold. Drinking water is a slight problem too but I am getting the water I need for the most part. I have done nothing today…sit and watch/listen to TV and read more of the Twilight Saga series. I am looking forward to finishing the series. I do want to see all the movies now.

More Reading of Twilight Saga

I believe I am in the last book of the Twilight Saga and will be finishing up with the 2nd book – Jacob – sometime tomorrow. I have gotten to the point of not being able to put the book down when I am alone with only Bing Crosby the cat nearby or right on my lap or in my sight. I cannot wait to get the series all read and over with. I am looking forward to reading other books as well.