Do Not Feel It

I will be honest here but I do not feel it today.  I do not want to go grocery shopping.  I do not want to leave my apartment.  I am feeling a little blue today.  Nothing is wrong here but I am feeling blue today.  The weather could the cause of the feeling I have.  The weather has been kind of odd this winter – warm, cold, warmer, colder, snow, no snow, and what else comes during the winter months.  I am so glad that I do not have to go anywhere this week except for Bible study/prayer meeting and church.  I am looking forward to that.  I am just not looking forward to today.

Enjoyed My Day

I have enjoyed my day today.  I did not do much, lol.  I did not go to church this morning but did listen to Christian music, watched a couple of recorded shows, and a show that ended up being on all day called Mystery Woman.  Some of the movies were on all day as a marathon.  I did not watch all the movies but I did watch a select few and went to bed.