The Rest of My Day

After I got back from the dentist, I decided to take it easy and sit and watch television.  With the weather being yucky with rain and fog here, I have to admit that taking a nap was unexpected really,  I hate cloudy days and the need or want to put my feet up.  I have a busy weekend coming up.  I am going to church tomorrow and Sunday this week and I am so looking forward to it greatly,  I do plan on getting ready for bed before 9 PM tonight because I can sense a long night tonight for some reason.  My mind is on something and I have yet to sort what is more important and not important.  Ahhh,  got fresh air today.  That is what happened.

Going Mac All the Way

It has been a while now as I started before the beginning of 2016, but I have decided to go Mac all the way.  All though I have Windows 8.1 on the other side – parallels – I have decided to use ALL Mac programs from now on.  If I ever use Windows, it will be only on occasion but I NEVER use the internet on the Windows side of my Macbook Air anyway.  I have talked to my mom’s husband about a certain program that I have on the Windows side called Microsoft Note and wondered if there was one for Mac but apparently there isn’t on for Microsoft Office for Mac.  He did tell me about Mac having its own built in program that he does not use himself but I looked and saw it is called Notes.  I opened it up and found it feasible to use even though it was not as beautiful as Microsoft Office Note.  It is something I can definitely use.  I also use Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now even though I have Microsoft Office for Mac.  They work fine for what I have as my operating system on this wonderful laptop of mine.  I love Mac!