Entry #2

I dislike blocked numbers and a certain person calling. I will NEVER answer the phone to blocked or private numbers anymore for my protection and my safety.  Today, this afternoon, I got a call from CSE and I wish she would STOP calling me because I am not interested in what goes on in her life anymore because she has lied to me and almost every time she calls me, she sounds like she is not feeling very good or acting sick.  I do not call her back because she has been calling me with a blocked or private number, and when I talked to her around Thanksgiving, it sounded like she was still living with her friend M who has been wanting CSE out of the house since last February because CSE does not keep her home clean or pay rent like she supposed to.  That is what I have been told.  I have decided to walk away from CSE.  She can leave all the messages she wants or call me under a blocked or private number, but she will NEVER get a call back from me anymore.  I just wish that she would stop.  I want to get the authorities involved but my heart says no.

Entry #1

I cannot believe that the week is just about over already!  I feel it just started, LOL, but I know in reality the week is going by very quickly.  When my days go by as quickly as they do, I cannot argue – really.  I love being busy even though I grumble about having to go through stuff for either the trash or recycle bin I have made for myself.  With Thursday being my food prep day with DB, we always find time to do other things than cook meals for the week.  We do some organization and cleaning, and today I went through a basket of old mail and papers to put in the recycle bin so every Thursday DB takes the trash and recycle out.  Yes, I grumbled – little – but got it done and no worries about it for a while.  Yes, I am a mail hoarder to some extent but it does get looked at and recycle properly.  I just do not like cleaning too much is all.  I get help with that every Monday afternoon.