My Usual Monday

Monday is my grocery shopping and cleaning/laundry day.  I am gone between one to two hours shopping at a place we call Woodmans here in Janesville, Wisconsin.  I have shopped at Pick-N-Save, Aldi’s, and other places, but definitely prefer Woodmans.  The grocery store is one place I am familiar with and change isn’t too bad anymore.  I used to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, but the prices are better at Woodmans today.  So I went to Woodmans with my IDS worker DB today.  After grocery shopping, we came back and put my groceries away and then C came and cleaned and did my laundry.  Instead of doing my laundry upstairs on the 2nd floor in the laundry room, C takes my clothes to a laundry mat.  After 3 pm, I had the place to myself along with my kitty Bing Crosby.  We didn’t do a whole lot.