Looking Back at Some Entries

I have no idea why I am doing this, but I thought I would do it anyway.  I have decided to look at some entries that I have written back in 2001, 2009, 2012, and this year.  I have no idea where my mind was in a few spots, lol, but I believe it was definitely elsewhere more so than where it should be.  I remember how upset and disliking the idea of my friend JSL getting upset at friends on Facebook for adding other friends.  That lead to friends, some mutual, on Facebook, talking to other friends in a group chat about how mean JSL was.  At that time, I decided to stop communicating with her, but a year ago October 2014, JSL got in contact with me and we have reconnected once again.  As for having a friendship with LS, that I do not have, but I do talk to her when I see her in the public area of the building we both live in.  I can, at least, be civil to other people despite another person’s ways.  LS still goes places with the man I mentioned in the entry and they have whatever relationship they choose to have.  I will never be in a room alone with LS’s friend when I can help it because he makes me nervous.  Something about him just does not sit right.  I do not go to lunch with LS or M anymore.  That did stop and it was discontinued when it was in 2012.  As for some reason, I cannot explain why I decided to look at entries long passed.  Especially 2001 and 2009!  I am impressed with a lot of things!!!  From now, as of today, I will let past entries lie where they belong because the past belongs in the past.  This is today, here and now, and life moves on whether I want it to or not.  I will write more another time.