My Letter To God Today

Please do not be offended by the letter to God in my journal today.   I was having trouble and still am having some trouble finding the words to write.  It is as if I have no words left to say or need a break from something in my life.  Taking a break from God is not one of the options in my life.  I need Him everyday of my life.  My world has had its scary experiences that have been questionable and wonder has played its role very well in my life for many years.  Ever since I was a little girl I have enjoyed writing and reading, and it has not really stopped.  I just take a break from it from time to time.  I am only one person and I do want to make some changes in my own life but will NOT do it on anyone’s dime or expense for purposes that I am not that type of person.  I do take advice and listen to my friends and family who are concerned about me from time to time, but I am the only one who can change myself.  I am who I am and that is me.

Christmas and Birthday 2015

I had a wonderful Christmas today.  With Pastor V and his wife CV gone for Christmas in Virginia, I celebrated Christmas with Pastor V’s sister CF, her husband LF, and their boys JF and KF, and JF’s wife RF.  I had an awesome day!  Even Grandma V was there.  With this being the first Christmas without Grandpa V, it did feel like someone was missing, but everyone managed.  It was Grandma V’s birthday as well.  She turned 92.  What she got for her birthday was a large Mickey Mouse, a teddy bear, and a raccoon, a calendar, and some Andes Candies for her Christmas and birthday.  it was awesome seeing her enjoy her moment.

Now, I did not expect anything except to enjoy the company and time with others so I would not be alone.  I ended up getting a $25 gift card from Amazon Kindle, pistachio nuts, a small box of candy from Whitman’s, a bag of chocolate, and oranges and apples.  I enjoyed myself!