A Few Minutes Now

I thought that since bedtime is looming just around the corner according to the hour of the evening in Wisconsin that I would take a few minutes to write a few thoughts.  Sometimes, to be very honest with myself, I have come across a whirlwind of thought that makes whatever troubles I have bigger than they really are.  In other words, the ant hill is just as big as a mole hill!  There are moments that someone and that someone is CSE comes into my mind.  It is because she takes the time to call me from a blocked/private number to wish me and Bing a Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish I did not answer the phone once I had heard CSE’s voice!  I was not happy.  I do not like private, blocked, and harassment calls at all.  I have better things to do without my phone ringing all the time.  I do not like to talk to on the phone like I used to.  I play a lot of games/apps most of the time now-a-days on my phone.  I do have people I talk to often, though, but talking on the phone sometimes finds me a little nerved!

Did CSE ruin my Thanksgiving holiday?  No, she didn’t, but I am not happy with her right now.  I just wish she would get help for herself and stop wearing me out trying to help her. She does not seem grateful.