A lot has not happened so far.  Not really anyway.  I am dressed and ready to go Bible study/prayer meeting, have done some Bible reading already today and plan to do more before I leave tonight at 6:30 PM or so.  I have been watch Diagnosis Murder for the past couple of hours, but I did watch a recorded episode of Murder, She Wrote as well.


It is morning and I am waiting patiently for my shower gal to get here to help with my shower or at least assist me with some areas.  Yesterday I had my cyst drained again – 2nd time in 6 months – I cannot wash my hair today but will do so tomorrow.  I still have a bandaid on my forehead covering up the three stitches from the procedure that was not a total failure, but another step will be taken in the future if and when my cyst returns.  I hope it doesn’t  Despite that, it is a good morning here and it is going to be a fine, beautiful day for this Fall weather.  I do not have a busy day.