People Need To Check Their Messages More Often

I do have to admit that something happened today that I did not expect to happen.  After learning of Papa Steele’s death, I was planning on taking the afternoon and evening off from my shower gal so I called Rescare on Call and told them I did not want BS here today.  BS did not get the message until AFTER she got here because she did not hear her phone ring while out shopping.  Anyway, since she showed up and I had a sponge bath and got my favorite fish, birds and shells house dress on, and got comfortable the rest of the night and went to bed after taking my medications at 7:30 PM and 8 PM.

Found Out Something Today

At church during prayer meeting after potluck in Beloit, Wisconsin, I learned about something that took my breath away for a few minutes.  NMS has lost her ex-husband recently.  He has passed away.  Her world right now is not what we would like it to be.  I do feel bad for her.  We rarely talk anymore so I did not hear about this firsthand from NMS but from a church member at prayer meeting this afternoon before leaving for home with the Pastor.and his wife and father.  Despite the news of hearing about Papa Steele passing away, I do have to say that it has been a good day – chilly of course.