A Happy Birthday Shoutout and Memories

Although my grandma Myra has been gone since 1997 today would have been her 96th birthday if she was still with us.  Yes, I do miss my grandma very much and I loved her dearly when she was alive.  When I was a little girl and would swing she would sit on the closed in porch and watch me and remind me not to go very high.  The swing was up at the cottage I loved visiting most of my young life until I got to be a teenager.  Yes, as a teenager, I was able to bring a friend with to keep me company since we did not have television or electronic devices to keep us busy at the time.  Don’t worry we did have electricity but we did live the old-fashioned life of doing dishes in big bins and hot water warmed up on a potbelly stove that kept us warm in the cool mornings of Summer.

Relaxing Day

Okay… I could not have asked for more today because after my shower gal left and MM called I was able to relax for the rest of the day without any interruptions or the need to feel interrupted.  That was a wonderful feeling.  I took the time to do my Bible reading before and after my shower gal came and I also got my bills paid.  This month, due to the timing of changing internet providers my Charter Spectrum bill was the highest of all highest bills I have received in a very long time – 17 years.  I was able to pay the bill in full with a few cents extra at a rounded rate.  Don’t worry because I still have enough for groceries this month,  I can not spend money on anything else right now.  Even my Naturebox is part of my monthly bills this month.  I want my Naturebox snacks this month, I sat and watched television, had lap time with Bing Crosby the cat, and have decided to go to bed early – 8 PM after I took my medication.  I did not have any social time with friends in the community room today as I hoped because I have to get up early for church in the morning in order to get ready.