So Much To Say!

I have so much to say and do!  The time has escaped me once again as far as writing in my journal/diary is concerned.  I have so much to say but will have to wait until tomorrow to do so because it is going to be 8 PM here shortly.  Nothing going on TV right now except for a couple of programs such as “Hello, It’s Me” starring Kellie Martin and then the last CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is on tonight starting William Peterson as Grissom.  I am watching a couple of recorded programs on my DVR box and then going to take my meds and go to bed early.  I have played Word With Friends (WWF) yesterday and today to get the level I needed to pass to get an award.  Today has been Murder. She Wrote marathon morning and afternoon and then the movie (recording it) and more MSW.  I still have a lot to say but have to wait until tomorrow to get caught up once again.