I Had To Do It!

I no longer have internet service with one company.  Next Friday, a week from today, I will have another company’s internet service.  I am not saying anything bad about the internet service I have had for several years and have been satisfied all this time.  I am just tired of DSL.  I need to upgrade to something faster and not through the phone line.

Thoughts 1

I really do not have a whole lot of time to write at this time but I will write what I can before my shower gal BS gets here at 8:55 AM.  BS is not one of my favorite shower gals I have.  I did have a shower gal on Saturdays for a while I happen to like but she is no longer working for our Rescare company but will be working for another Rescare team in Illinois when she moves to Chicago.  So once again I am not going to have a shower gal every other Saturday until Rescare finds a new worker.  For BS, I am not saying I do not like her as a person, but I do not care for her because she is very open to her opinions about politics, sexual orientation, which means she does not understand two mean and two women kissing one another on television shows.  I just hear so much from her.  She has a monotone voice, she smokes and once in awhile I can tell she smokes more than usual when it is smelled on her clothes and breath.  Cigarette smoking and smoke is disgusting and it does give me headaches easily.  I just do not always again with BS’s ways.  She does give great showers but it is what I have to repeat to her.