The 1st Day of August

It has been a very good day here.  Got up at 7 AM to get ready for church in Beloit at the SDA church with my friends Pastor V and his wife CV, and Grandpa V.  Grandma V is not able to be transported from spot to spot as well anymore so she has not been going to church lately.  After church, Pastor V, CV, and Grandpa V dropped me off before 2 PM because my shower girl was going to be here at 2 PM or so.  I did not take my phone with me because I get distracted with it and do not listen to the sermon very well.  Satan knows my weaknesses very well and gets me sometimes if I allow him.  As far as that goes, my phone stayed home today.  I had missed a phone call after 10 AM so I had a voicemail message saying that my shower girl is going to be late due to working with another client from 1 PM to 2 PM.

My shower girl came after 2 PM, with another phone call stating she was on her way from her latest client.  I had my shower, got comfortable clothing on for the rest of the day and night, and she left after 3 PM, then the day was all mine and Bing Crosby the cat’s.  It was a good day!  I watched some movies on HMMHD.  It is mystery movie marathon day today.  I watched a few minutes of Murder, She Wrote that had it’s first movie out since it went off air and into syndication, and when I came home, I watched Aurora Teagarden: Real Murders, Gourmet Detective, Undercover Bridesmaid, and a couple of recorded TV shows until bedtime.

Cooling Down?

With August here, is the weather starting to cool down from its hot summer?  I hope so because the heat really gets to me and a lot of other people and we Wisconsin residents have had a hot summer.  The Rock County Fair has taken place this past week – the last week of July.  I did go because of transportation, heat, and the sea of people.  I do not do well in crowds now-a-days.  Also, the cost to get into the fair seems steep on a person’s income.  I have not gone to the fair for a few years now.

So is the weather starting to cool down?  I have to wait and see from this day forward.