Do I have spies in the family somewhere?  I believe I do and they live in Pennsylvania!  Where in PA do they live?  That’ll remain a mystery to those who do live in PA at this time.  I do not care if these family members spy on me on other pages I have created on the web anymore because they are NOT going to be allowed back into my life as long as my brother is married to his wife who has lied through her teeth for seven years about family members.  Yes, my brother’s wife is a liar and she, although my brother works outside the home too, seems to wear the pants in the family and what she says goes no matter what she says.  She has a major problem or more than one major problem,  What she doesn’t know is that I know the truth and what she has done, through observation before 2008, has not been tricks of my own eyes.  I have been lied to and because of her, until recently, had others believe I was the liar.  Well… her lies are not going to work anymore.  Family see right through her and will not give her the satisfaction she has relished for years to recent.  She owes so many apologies but those who deserve those apologies will not get them.  She has done so much damage … she will not apologize because she believes her own lies as truth.

Letting Go!

I talked to my dad for awhile this afternoon.  One of the subjects we talked about was my brother and his wife.  Dad told me that my brother had gotten in contact with dad a couple of times – when my dad had his severe heart attack a couple of years ago and when he learned that his middle granddaughter was getting married and she wanted dad there.  It came to the point that dad told my brother where he stood and why.  I told dad, too, that I was hurt by them both and I do not want nothing to do with them even if they did change.  All I can do is pray for my brother and his wife and that will be all I can do or I will end up getting hurt again.  Now that I talked to dad about what was troubling my heart, I can move onward in my life.

All week since Monday my heart has been feeling a heaviness that can not explain very well without breaking into ill feelings such as anger and crying.  I have crashed twice since Monday in a 3 hour nap because my eyes couldn’t stay open or awake.  Taking 3 hour naps does not do wonders on getting to sleep after 8 PM easy.