Good Morning, What’s Been Going On

Good MorningI would like to, it has been a couple of days, where I have not said good morning. Today is a good morning. From last Tuesday – Monday of this week, I was not feeling very well that will be explained more in “What’s Been Going On”. I slept well Monday night as well as last night, so I am feeling better again.

What’s Been Going On

I am not sure what really happened but I do believe I took on more than I can handle because by Monday, February 27th, I had the worst anxiety and panic I have ever had in a very long time. I may have had a touch of the flu last week Tuesday for a couple of days but the days from Thursday to Monday eating was not happening as my hunger was gone causing my body to react and bring on symptoms I felt before but where not really the problem. When my body is filled with anxiety and problems, my body reacts to anxiety and panic. I was in the ER at my whits end when I thought I was constipated by the finding of that was I was not backed up. No tests were done because tests were done the morning before in Madison. I was in the ER from 330 to 530 or so that day. By the time I left my body was calming done a bit and the doctor herself came in and told me what to do when I got home and everything will work out in the end once it finally gets to where it belongs. The doctor and nurse were so good to me.

More later… I have to eat some yummy breakfast now



Now, That Was One Fine Kettle of Fish!

Oh my goodness! It has been a very rough few days for me and now I am coming out of the roughness now. I cannot explain all that happened but I can state that anxiety and panic was real bad and yesterday, I cracked – sick. I was in tears, telling my support systems that something was wrong, muscles contracted so much that it just hurt. I remembered getting sick with a bug last Tuesday evening and could not eat anything for a while. I really could not eat anything up until today to be very honest. I thought I was constipated but according to the ER doctor, I was not. Yes, I went to the ER because I was still not feeling well. Anxiety and panic took over after the bug I had last week making my body react to it to the point it drove me to the breaking point and my body was unable to relax. The doctor did not let me leave until I was calmer and things in my head was becoming more clear and my muscles began to relax on their own just being where I knew I was safe and going to be taken good care of. I was at the hospital for 2 1/2 hours and sent home to drink two nutrition drinks and take a Clonazepam for the night so I can get some sleep. I could not really sleep for a few days. I slept last night. My friend left at 3 am this morning and when I called her this morning on my way to my appointment at 11 am, I asked her what time did she leave and that I was sleeping good and knew it would be okay and if I had awakened in a panic, I would have called her. Appointment went well.