My Weekend

I am not going to do much this weekend except catch up on my recorded TV shows, sleep, and do some reading. I am not going to do much except keep my feet up as they are a little swollen from getting three days of fluids, potassium, and two small units of blood.

Good Bye to Riverview Clinic

Today I saw my podiatrist doctor at the Riverview Clinic for the last time. Riverview Clinic is closing its doors and all the doctors are moving to another clinic – Dean Clinic – that is attached to St. Mary’s Hospital. I am not sure what is going to happen to the building but have heard that Mercy Hospital had bought the property but I am not sure if it is a rumor or it is true. Anyway, the next time I see Dr. A, I will see him at the new clinic on the 2nd floor. As I sit and think about it, the doctors need a new place and a new change to boost their spirits. I have been visiting Riverview Clinic ever since I was born and that building is old and has been refurbished several times throughout the years and that poor building was still boring.