I have taken the time to read some firmer diary entries I have written and see what’s up. I was not impressed reading an entry in the year of 2002 because I no longer have any dealings with the counselor I spoke about or was I too happy in seeing that I had my anxiety under control when I did not have control until two years ago in 2009 or most recently. I have PS as my counselor now until January 2012 before she retires. I am waiting patiently for MM to call me before the weekend begins. I have talked to the head nurse at Dr. H’s office today since L is off until Monday now. I am just watching Ghost Hunters Live with 2 1/2 hrs of 6 hrs passed now. Enjoying my afternoon with no one else here until 730 pm.

More later….

In Thought

I am in thought once more — Laura Ingalls Wilder — and watching/listening to Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special. The program is almost over now within 30 minutes — remembering to fastforward the commercials and forget because I am so engrossed in my next book of Laura Ingalls Wilder days. I am reading These Happy Golden Years now – read the 1st 3 chapters already. The show has been VERY good too as well. They are going to be revealing their findings to the owner in a moment. Cool! I love the show. I have also been playing Pet Hotel all day as well and enjoying the game that much, lol. I have to bats, several dogs, to brown bears, three washrooms, 1 deer, 1 panda bear with baby, and two monkeys, and will have two dragons and two deer by tomorrow unless I stay up super late to build their rooms tonight but I doubt it actually because I have been up 12 hrs at this time. KB will be here at 730 pm and I have not broke down calling CSE to keep me company for a while yet this day and the weekebd is soon to begin once the sun goes down for the night til morning. I am really enjoying my alone time without anyone here but Bing Crosby the cat. He’s my permanent companion now. He has been in my life for 5 yrs this December 18, 2011.

More later…. after my shower.