A Quickie

I am going grocery shopping shortly – once JP gets here that is. I have had my shower at 1030 am this morning and my shower gal RK left a few minutes ago at 1145 am. I am all dressed and ready for my day and ready to go grocery shopping. I did not go grocery shopping for two weeks because I was not feeling good and I wanted to not go too far from home unless I really had to … and I did not have to go grocery shopping for almost two weeks in October anyway. I am still happy to see that October is gone and November is finally here – two days later that is. I was getting sick and tired of October – October was very slow because I was not feeling well most of the month. I was glad that October finally left. I also believe that I had a small bout of depression happening while I was not feeling good as well, too. Anyway…

Today I had awakened to a rainy and stormy morning but I did not sleep in until 9 am this morning. I had gotten up at 730 am this morning wide awake and wanted to start my day early. I did not do such a thing when I was not feeling good. I am back on track as far as my waking up early and having some time for myself before company rolls on in to help me clean house or give me help with a shower. Today is a semi-busy day for me – not at the moment, lol – tomorrow is going to be another semi-busy morning and then the rest of the week is all mine until Friday night. JP and I worked things out and tweaked out semi-busy – her schedule being more busy than mine all the time – to change the days this week to go grocery shopping and cleaning, and laundry. Tomorrow I have to do laundry without fail because I am running out of wash cloths to wash my bottom and privates with. I think, today, I will get some new wash cloths at Wal-Mart. I have enough money to get a couple of needed things – not things I want yet for the holidays.

I better go for now. I will be back later sometime. More later. Good bye for now.

My Afternoon & Evening …

My afternoon went very well. I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart after 1230 pm when JP picked me up. I got EVERYTHING on my grocery list and then some other items, and finally left with $133.63 worth of groceries. I am well stocked up for the next two weeks and do not have to go grocery shopping until the week before Thanksgiving this year. I was glad, after checking my items out and paying for them, to get the heck out of the building and away from a couple of check out gals – especially one of them by the name of Melissa. Melissa was a high school colleague of mine and she was stuck up then and really stuck up to me today. She was awful and mean, and nasty and the gal who took care of my groceries and bagged them was even stuck up and kind of snotty as well. I have always wondered why people, who work around people for several hours a day can get away with their stuck up attitudes at work around other people. Melissa was very good at it and always was in high school. She was nasty and mean back in high school as if she only cared about herself and her stuck up friends alongside her. She was a bitch then,. too. The next time I go grocery shopping I hope I DO NOT see Melissa working there that day. I won’t give her the time of day if I do see her. I won’t even use her checkout at any given time. Today she was manning the self-checkout posts and I went to say hello to her and she was nasty and stuck up, and did not even have eye contact. Why is she working there? She is mean to people! Wal-Mart should not have hired such a bitch that she really is! I hate Melissa! She is nasty!

I got home after 230 pm and we put my groceries away. CSE came down and knocked at my door to bring some apples my way from our neighbor HC – a gentleman who helps the tenants get to the grocery store, to appointments, and to wherever a tenant needs to go. He has helped me get to the doctor a couple of times and helped me go get labs drawn for Dr. H one afternoon when I was not feeling the greatest and found that I was slightly dehydrated and water and Gatorade/Poweradewas only necessary to hydrate me again which did the trick without a hitch that one weekend. That was very sweet and nice of HC. He is a fine, good, loving neighbor. Anyway… groceries put away, cat box done, garbage taken out, and CSE left for awhile to come back to visit for a while leaving at 9 pm because she was falling asleep and needed/wanted to go home. I had the rest of the night to myself, falling asleep early myself by 11 pm.