My Counseling Appointment With Pam Stephens

My Appointment with Pam Stephens
My appointment went very well and I had gotten a big surprise at my appointment along with it. Pam is retiring at the end of the year and in December I will be going to a “new” counselor – someone else – at Genesis Counseling Services. I am surprised, yes, but from Pam told me, her retirement will be all worth it because her husband is retiring at the age of 65, and she wants to be with her husband and share their time together during their retirement together and enjoy traveling and other things retired couples enjoy together. I am, in the long run, happy for Pam and I will miss her greatly because we have known each other since 1991 since I was 21 years old and now I am 41 years old. It has been 20 lovely years of knowing her even though I had not had her as a counselor all these years – glad to have her as a counselor again for a few more years and now she is retiring and going to enjoy life with her retired husband. Yay! In the meantime – with this surprising announcement – Pam is going to give a couple of recommendations for me for counselors here who are also female/women. I will not have a male/man counselor for personal reasons of comfort and men are not always understanding of women, lol. Anyway, my appointment went well and I could not have asked for more in real time. Pam and I talked about my relationships, my feelings about running into Kelly Wilson, her husband, and their friend Kayla Wilson when I left from my last appointment at the beginning of the month of October with Mary Monson my caseworker from IDS, my family in AR, NM, and a couple of minutes of how pissed I am with my PA family that consists of my brother, my sister-in-law, and their kids – all adults now actually and unfortunately. We even discussed how Carrie has changed so much that she scared me big time yesterday with her actions and words. My appointment went very well and I had a good time in session today. I could not have asked for more. I am glad that, during this session with Pam, that Pam told me she was retiring at the end of the year so I could adapt to the change of a “new” counselor before she goes, and that I have time to get over the shock of the retirement out of my system before she actually leaves Genesis Counseling for good at the end of the year. Oh boy… I have a change to get used to now.

Today’s Appointment

My appointment went well. It was my counseling session with PS at 2 pm. I got there and was able to sit and read for about a 1/2 hr before my session started. When PS came and got me, we started our session with a couple of things before my session really began. One of the things she told me before my session was the fact that she is retiring at the end of the year and she will make a couple of recommendations of counselors for me before she leaves and I will have a couple of sessions my new counselor before PS leaves for good. Her retirement news is a shock to me but her reason for retiring is definitely a good one – her husband is retiring at the age of 65 from his job and she wants to have time with her husband during the day and have travels, and times with one another before their lives are gone away for good. I will get past the shock sooner or later and PS will be missed greatly. I have known her since I was 21 years old even though she has not been my counselor all of the 20 years of knowing her. We were in hiatus for a while but I went back to her about 5 years ago or so – maybe 7 or 8 now… not totally sure. I know her recommendations will be good ones and I will have another female/woman counselor to go to, and we will go on – head on – and progress further to healing from this anxiety and panic I have on regular basis. Oh CRAP… I forgot to talk about my panic attacks I had two weeks ago even though we did discuss my anxiety at length today – for a few minutes before moving on to other things. Oh well! LOL