Still Not Feeling Well

I do not feel well so I went to the ER tonight to take care of myself. Not sure if I am becoming dehydrated or something is wrong with my kidney. My pulse is high and I still do not feel any better from last week — a little worse to be honest. I found out that I now do have an UTI – brewing and raising it’s ugly head. My anxiety is high right now, too. I am not feeling good, am irritable, wanting to cry a lot, expecting my monthly, and have a lot on my mind right now. I did not sleep well last night. We shall wait and see how my medication will work or not on the infection I have the doctor – Dr. Kovacic put me on – a culture will be done on my urine. We shall see.

Commodore C64 Research

I will look into it and go from there and see what I can find. I looked at about Commodore C64 and believe me…there is a lot of info there to digest in one sitting! WOW! It does still exist, the Commodore but I do have to admit that I believe that Microsoft and Apple have them pretty much beat even after a 10 yea hiadus – from what I understand anyway. I am glad, with continued research in the prospect today, that I had the Commodore C64 when I did in 1987. I am very happy with my Emachine and my Apple brand computers today. I could not ask for more. Let the gaming consoles and Commodore products live on if they choose and will continue to grow along with the times the best I can and be happy. Will continue research – curiosity has hit me once again.

More later…