An Anniversary I Want To Forget!

Today is my brother’s and his wife’s 22nd wedding anniversary today. So their eldest daughter BK is 21 years old as of Wednesday. Unfortunately, being disowned by my brother and his wife, this is one wedding anniversary I want to forget for the rest of my natural life. My brother and his wife, and kids are no longer welcome in my life after all these years after disowning us after my last Thanksgiving visit in 2008 where my dad, his wife, and sister were there as well that last, not so wonderful Thanksgiving. All I remember with my brother and wife, and kids, is the emotional abuse that I took from his wife every time I was there. I could not believe what was going on inside the family that was hidden for years about my now disowned niece – the eldest. I remember having a short relationship with my eldest niece until all of a sudden she was no longer a friend of mine on Facebook. Apparently my brother and his wife were still in her life and she was not telling me, my dad’s wife, and my sister the entire truth about her relationship with her parents and sister and brother. I was greatly disappointed and alarmed at first until I talked to my sister about it. I highly regarded my eldest niece too while she was growing up but I do not anymore. Anyway…

The family I am speaking of now, my brother, his wife, and their three kids – now adults themselves now – are dead to me and they are not welcome in my life in the future. My brother needs to divorce his wife!!!! She broke up the family and dragged our name into the dirt, mud, or quicksand – whatever word anyone wants to use. His wife is a bitch! She is bad news!!!! The marriage should not have ever happened but of course his wife hid her illnesses all these years until most recent. It has been 3 years now since my brother has disowned my dad, my dad’s wife, my sister, and me, and it has been since my nephew was 8 months old, they disowned my mom and my mom’s husband.

My brother and his wife’s 22nd wedding anniversary is one I want to forget for the rest of my life. I am so pissed at them big time.

Haven’t Forgotten… A Busy Day… TGIF!… Looking Forward to the Weekend!

Haven’t Forgotten

I have not forgotten to write in my journal here today. I just had a very busy day today that started at 7 am in the morning.

A Busy Day

Today was a very day – in the morning anyway – and it was a very productive morning, too. I drove my power chair to Pick-N-Save to meet my worker JP there to get some items for my cold and some Dove for my showers and lotion for my feet and legs, and body. Honestly, all of my medicine for the cold I have and the two miscellaneous items cost me $42.25! Pick-N-Save seems expensive over Wal-Mart but I do have to admit that I did not have the energy to go very far or even the time to go to Wal-Mart this morning because of a ride picking me up at 1030 am to take me to a doctor’s appointment.

I had to wait for JP to get to the apartment building with the groceries but not for long. After she got to the building, she helped put my groceries away and left – leaving to two people (a tenant and her daughter) getting on her case about parking where she was parked and being very nasty to JP. JP called a few minutes after she had left to tell me about it and I told her that I would find out what was going on. I did go to the manager once the office opened and talked to the manager about what happened and called JP back to find out what was said and after I talked to the manager, I texted JP that the manager was going to talk to the tenant’s daughter about her attitude. As of now, I have learned that this one tenant’s daughter can be a bitch and she will not get a hello from me anymore. Apparently the management has been having problems with this tenant’s daughter lately too. Now that I think about it, I have seen her bitchy attitude while she was chatting with a now former tenant near my apartment when she told me what to do. Her attitude was horrible that day too. Anyway, I took care of the situation and I do not think we will have any more problems with this tenant’s daughter anymore.

My ride picked me up a little after 1030 am and got to my appointment – seeing a gastroenterologist named AA. Dr. AA and I met, we discussed my bowel issues, she looked at some records on the computer about me – concerning me but not concerning me physically or emotionally, and my caseworker MM met me at the appointment after the appointment was over, lol. She did meet Dr. AA though. After my appointment, MM and I left together to get back to the 1st floor and outside in the beautiful weather and my ride was waiting for me. She waited with me until my ride came up to load me up into the vehicle. Once again I took my power chair. Mary and I departed afterwards. She went back to work and I went home for the rest of the day.


It is now Friday and today has been a good day!!!! TGIF!!

Looking Forward to the Weekend!

I am not totally sure if my world has calmed down yet or not but I do have to admit that I am looking forward to the weekend. I am going to do a lot of writing, reading, watching recorded TV shows, Live TV, do some reading. I am almost done reading By the Shores of Silver Lake now. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend coming – little company this weekend except for my shower gal KB tonight from 730 – 845 pm and tomorrow at 5 – 615 pm. Yep, I enjoy my weekend showers in the evening.