Entry #2

Had my shower and now comfortable for the day. My shower gal Barb is here until 1045 am. Turned Live TV on for awhile and President Obama is talking about the Jobs Bill. We shall see what happens. Not everyone like him and I am not sure if I like him or not. When Bin Laden was found I was glad that Obama told the soldiers to get him. I was happy about that. I do know, a Christian person I profess, I feel the government God has control of — the heavenly government is what I am talking about, is what I prefer over all the political stuff that goes on now – a – days to be very honest here. I have just got politically inclined in the past few weeks here and just started understanding things. Listening to Obama talk this morning at 10 am has been of some indrsranding that the job bill needs to be voted upon and passed. Unemployment is higher now by 6,000 people today. We need to find jobs for the workers now! But why has it been this long to wait?! Yes the economy is bad but my father has seen and heard worse … my grandparents have been — both sides — were born and were growing up during the depression era of the 20’s – 40’s. I have a job even though there is little to do yet and I don’t have to work everyday just yet. I do love my job though.

I hate colds! Yucky!

More later…

Entry #1

My shower gal Barb will be here any time now. It is almost 930am. I am looking forward to my shower this morning today. I got a text from DB stating she will be off of work for a month because she is going to be having hernia surgery. She texted me earlier this morning after 7 am to let me know. What a bummer! She is going to be missed.

More later…