Another Quickie

Shower taken, dressed for the day, and now waiting for laundry to get done and put away. DB left at 915 am and J and I have an appointment to get me to in about an hour. The meal was prepared for the week, Bing’s litter box was taken care of, the dishes were done, the floors were swept and mopped, the trash was taken out to the dumpsters and now my kitchen table was picked ip a bit and things were put in their respectable places for now, lol. I have no idea how my kitchen table got so cluttered so quickly other than I had continued to add stuff to the table and created it a catch all this time around and I have been doing better but not from this past Tuesday to today. Oops!

A Quick Good Morning

I am up an hour before my shower gal comes and also J who helps me clean, do laundry, cooking of meals, and other necessary cleaning that needs to be done. I wanted to get on here before 8 because of the fact that I will be busy for about 3 hours or so until after my appointment with my foot doctor. Today is my busiest day of the week … having to work tomorrow is going to be a fairly busy day but not like today, though. I am looking forward, a day early as usual, and excited, about going to work tomorrow as my boss BV does have things for me to do.


Good morning and I will be back later. Good bye for now.