My Afternoon & Day

I have spent the day watching TV programs to get some recorded TV programs off the DVR box to add more. On top of that I spent the day on Facebook chatting with my dead friend and ex as well, playing games and seeing what my friends and family had to say. I have read some real good thoughts from others about 9/11/2001 and the past 10 years brought to them. I even took the time to read sone entries here at Dear Diary. I was impressed with what I read. I do not feel alone about what happened 10 years ago. We will never forget but we need to move on and do our best in life. I do know that what happened 10 years has affected all of us one way or another.

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Do You Remember Where You Were On 9/11/2001

Where Was I On 9/11/2001?

I had just turned on the television and saw the twin towers being hit by a plane. I was waiting for time to pass so I could walk to my appointment 3 blocks away at the Job Center here in Janesville, Wisconsin that day. At first I thought it was a plane that was out of control and not a terrorist attack on our country because someone did not like our country and our freedoms that very day until after my appointment and I was waiting for a dear friend to have lunch with across the street. How I found out how serious the plane crash was while I was waiting for my friend someone was talking to someone else about what was on the news on her vehicle’s radio and it was on real loud and heard the panic of the voices around me. When my friend arrived, I heard her radio telling more of the attack on America and knew then that it was very serious and many have died by lunch time. I will never forget my first initial reaction before knowing what really happened and believe me….embarrassment was well noted that day and now wish that that day never happened the way it did. I can not tell anyone or myself how many times I think about how I reacted that day until I had learned of what really happened that day too so many people and their families and loved ones.

9/11/2001 was one scary day and that numbness I felt that day for a while still settles in my bones and body from time to time because of all the shows and programs that are on off and on and again today ten years later. My heart and mind goes out too all the families who have fell to the prey of a terrorist attacking our country because he/she wanted to. Now, with great sadness and understanding on top of it all, 9/11 will be imprinted on everyone’s minds for the rest of our lives whether we want to let it go and be forgotten. Who could forget such a horrible tragedy as people being killed on a plane while crashing in two towers that were supposed to be string and stand forever? I surely can not forget what happened. Since 2001 my dear friend, an elderly woman she was, had moved to a nursing home and has passed away from illness and I have only gone to see her one time while she was in the nursing home. I did not even go to the funeral because of transportation issues being a problem. I cried for hours because I had lost a dear and close friend I could talk to without any boundaries.

At this time I am having Bing laying and napping while I watch some recorded TV shows right now. I am recording a couple of 9/11 programs to watch later in the day but otherwise I am relaxing a bit.

More later….