A Quickie

It may not be late – only a little past 630 pm but my body is starting to get tired and I am getting sleepy. I am starting to doze in and out here in the recliner with Bing above me on the back of the chair dozing himself. I have played my games such as Farkle, Bejeweled Blitz, and checking things out online via Facebook. I was falling in and out of sleep playing Bejeweled Blitz so I am going to say good night and God bless now and return some time tomorrow and watch a little more TV before going to bed for the night. I am not going to have any company tonight. CSE could not even make up her mind about what time she was going to visit and help me and Bing out so I decided to good night to her after telling her it going to be too late for her to come down at 730 pm tonight. Too tired and Monday through Thursday I am always up by 8 am so I can have my morning shower. I was not in the mood to argue with CSE tonight whatsoever about her coming to visit and I do wish I never texted her about 2 hrs ago. I am once again not too happy with her all over again. She needs to start getting help for her mental, physical, and emotional problems she is dealing with and denying. She is very sick!

Have A Good Day

I have to leave for work within the next 1/2 hr so I thought I would come back and write a quick thought. I hope everyone has a good day and when I return, later this afternoon, I will do my best at writing more thought before I had to bed. I ended up falling in and out of sleep last night before 10 pm so my world went to bed early for the most part. Anyway I have had a good morning so far and now my morning is almost over. I have had my shower, got dressed and presentable for the day, my shower gal D put my hair up in a high ponytail for the day so I can stay a little cooler and have my long hair out of my face for work today. Sometimes my hair gets in the way of my eyes and face to the point it annoys me but I am growing my hair long for Locks of Love. It is long yes, but not quite long enough yet to give it away for Locks of Love.

Remembering A Promise To A Dear Family Friend

EW passed away September 22, 2008 and several weeks before she passed away after a short battle of cancer that had come back after being cancer free for a while – not sure how long she was cancer free at the moment. We were talking one day and my hair below my ears and almost to my shoulders at the time, I had told EW that I was going to grow my hair to give it away to Locks of Love after she had told me that her cancer had returned and there was nothing the doctor could do and she had a short time to live. At that point I promised her I would give my hair to Locks of Love. Today, being September 7, 2011, three years later, my hair is not long enough but almost there, and I have not broken my promise to my dear and close family friend EW and will continue with my promise to the day it gets cut short again for Locks of Love. I am so looking forward to the day when it comes and the idea of having my hair cut for Locks of Love still makes me feel real good inside.

Missing EW

The anniversary of EW’s death is not that terribly far away now but it is coming as the days pass. There does not go a day that I think of EW. I think of her everyday today and have been doing more so lately because it is September 2011. Even though the 22nd is 15 1/2 days away yet, the 22nd is coming rather quick in my way of thinking. With the idea of working now – being a working gal now after almost 11 years, I do have to admit that I am busy more than I was before I had a job. My last job was working at Data Shop doing data entry for the company. I loved the job but my emotional health got in the way after a couple of years and I decided to go on to school for a while. It just does not seem that time is passing by so quickly these days.

I’ve Got To Run

It is almost time for me to go to work so I am going to say good bye for now and come back later sometime after I get back home – if I am not tired and do retire to bed early. I am just about ready to go now and my world is complete at the moment. I hope everyone has a good afternoon and God bless. Good bye for now but not forever!